My Manicure Essentials

We all have to have some essentials to have great looking and healthy nails don't you agree? Well these are some of mine. (I guess you're saying that's enough huh?) You can call me a product junkie. Lol!

Starting from the left front:

First off my SWISSCO Crystal File- I use this to file my nails down and to shape them. It's gentle on natural nails and not harsh as emery boards..

Orly Smudge Fixer-Now this is a must for me. While polishing my nails sometimes I bang a nail or two in the process , well this baby fixes it right up making my polish nail smooth again.

Creative Nail Design(CND) Solar Oil-I use this oil to push back my cuticles and to moisture them.

Barielle Manicure Extender-Its a protective top coat. I use it to refresh next day after polishing.

NailTek II-Intensive Therapy for soft , peeling nails. Sometimes I use this as a base coat.

Starting from Left Back:

NailTek Foundation II-This is a ridgefiller and yes I do have ridges. It fills in the gaps!

Nail Magic-It's a nail hardener. I use this first before a base coat.

Barielle Camouflage-This too is a ridgefiller. It helps polish to apply on smooth as butta.

CND Stickey-This is a truly must have for me because my polish sticks right to it! and keeps it from chipping. Yay!

Zoya Remove+ I talked about this in an earlier post. It is great it removes polish without drying out my nails/cuticles and it doesn't smell as strong as other removers

I hope all my manicure essentials helps you!  What are your essentials?


  1. ...and I thought I had an extensive nail routine! Glad to know I'm not the only one in the world of nail routine insanity!! It's a great and relaxing past-time for me.

  2. P.S. We have the same purple glass file, use the same Remover+ and Barielle products. that is so cool!!

  3. Beauty Gumbo: Glad to see you! thanks for following now go paint those nails :)

    Apaige2u: You know how it is :)

  4. I gotta try Orly smudge fixer. As long as I have been painting my nails, I always mess up at least one.

  5. JennyKaye: Smudge fixer is a must have! I keep it with me while I paint my nails...I too mess up at least one nail and it takes bubbles away too :)

  6. I totally bought Orly Smudge Fixer because of your recommendation on Nail Polish Collectors on Facebook! Love that stuff!

  7. Tropical Mind: Yay!! I'm glad you got it. Isn't it awesome!


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