American Apparel...Dynasty and a little Konading

This polish was so pretty to me.  I didn't want to take it off just yet so, I decided to dabble into my konading kit to see what design would make it elegant looking.  I usually only konad my index and ring fingers because I thought konading all fingers was just a little bit too much for me.  So, then I decided why not konad all fingers.  I really like it!!!  I used konad plate M57...and here she is :)

I also used Konad whte polish.  This design was pretty simple to do.

I hope you enjoyed my konad!  Have a great nail polish day (*_*)



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! BTW you have been tagged!!!

  2. Very pretty color and I love the shape of your nails!! I bought one of those Konad design kits and it has frustrated me to NO END. I cannot get a consistent pattern to appear on my nails despite meticulously following those directions. :O(

    I will give it one more try. Any tips?

  3. You rocked that funky french like no other!! Very nice and chic looking. Mastering konad really tries once patience, but by george, I think you've got it!! You go girl!! :-)

  4. Tropical Mind : Thanks for the compliment and the tag!!! :))

    Mikimu: Thanks, Konading takes lots of patience. Make sure you are rolling the design on the nail and if polish won't pick up on the stamp others have found if you scrap your stamper alittle with a nailfile the polish should pick up. hth :)

    Apaige2u: Thanks, I won't let konading get the best of me...I'll keep practicing :)

  5. they always make the konade look so easy. its not but you did it perfect. looks really good. maybe i'll give it another try some day.

  6. denitrika: It takes lots of practice and patience don't give up...keep trying :)

  7. nice konadicure !!!
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!!

  8. You have encouraged me to do two things, 1 pull Dynasty out of my untried box and 2 buy a konad!

  9. Lily nail : I'll check out your blog..thanks :)

    JennyKaye: Yes pull out dynasty and get a konad kit :)


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