CND Indian Rhubarb...Effects Copper Shimmer!!!

Several months ago Creative Nail Design known as CND had a survey.  Can't remember the questions that were asked but, of course about nail polish.  I took the survey and was anticipating what free gift that I would get from them or if I would receive anything from that matter..  Well, on 1/16/10 I received my little gift that I was so surprised to receive!  Creme polish Indian Rhubarb and Effects Copper Shimmer.

Indian Rhubarb is a very nice deep red creme applied so smooth only took 2 coats!!  Bottle pictures are accurate.

I applied 1 coat of the Effects Copper Shimmer and it gave my mani a totally different look.  That's what I like about these effects.  CND has several of these shimmers that take any colored polish to new heights...

See the gold shimmer :)

 Tell me did you receive this little gift or if not, do you have any of these cremes/effects?  If not, what are you waiting for?   Until next time always have a great nail polish day (*_*) 



  1. Wow! Look at those nails! Look at that color! Gorgeous! Especially with your skin tone. Wow.


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