Estee Lauder Ultra Violet!!!!

When I saw a picture of EL Ultra Violet on MUA....oh how beautiful!!! I thought it was sold out by the time I was able to run to the Mall. Little-ole-me didn't have to worry, because there were several left. I even had to go back and pickup one for my son because he was surpising his wife for their anniversary. (I must say she was happy  :)  No swatching this baby!! It is just too beautiful not to enjoy for a couple of days!!

1 coat Nail Magic-hardener
1 coat SH Nail Quencher-base coat
1 coat Barielle Camo-ridgefiller
1 coat CND Stickey
2 coats of Ultra Violet polish
1 coat of Revlon Color Stay Top Coat
1 coat of Seche Vite Top Coat

Were you able to get Ultra Violet?  I hope so, its a wonderful polish to add to your collection.

Until next time please have a great nail polish day (*_*)


  1. i love it on your nails- it suits you perfectly :)

  2. You know I want this polish!! I am so going to bite the bullet and have to buy it on line - but I so want this polish - it's amazing on you!! Great job!!

  3. such a pretty color on you, i may have to run out and buy it for myself! how long does it take for your nails to dry with all of those polish coats? do you layer them on all in a row, or do you break it down into sets with long drying periods? (i.e 3 coats, dry for an hour, then another 4, etc.) do all of these coats help your nails become "bulletproof" and resistant to chipping?

  4. Beautiful Color, stunning! Tell you always do 4 layers of base coat? or is it just for this polish in particular?

  5. wowwee this is HOTT

    I am glad I am not the only one with 6+ layers of polish on hehe

    Gonna email you bout H&M polish etc a stupid virus/fever atm..will drop you a line over the weekend hun


  6. mourning: Thanks, You did this polish!! I let each coat dry at least 1 min. and yes I can wear my mani for 1 full week without any chips! HTH

    Jackie S.: Thanks,If I wear my mani for a full week I do apply all those layers. I have ridges and layering keeps my polish from chipping and gives my nails strength :)

    Rebekah: Thnaks,Gotta layer it really helps the mani to last. Okay will be waiting on your email. I hope you feel better ((hugs))

  7. Lacquer ware for tips and toes: I love it!!

    Lily Nail: Thanks :)

  8. I dragged a friend of mine (non-polish person) around looking at polish one day, and she took one look at this and bought is. LOL. I ended up with NARS Purple Rain, so we went to her house and I put it on her nails for her. Need to do that again. :)

  9. Elizabeth aka lacquered lizard: Yay for your friend. I don't have Purple Rain. I hear China Glaze Lets groove is a dupe. I have that one. Aw, you too must had fun :)

  10. BB Couture Dragon's Breath isn't a dupe but in the same ball-park.

  11. OMG I love this color!!! Looks amazing on you.

  12. jaljen: I also have BB couture :)

    Nail Polish Obsession: Thanks :)

  13. I love, love, love this polish. I wore this on my wedding day!


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