MAC Hello Kitty...Something About Pink...

I remembered last year when everybody couldn't wait to get the MAC Hello Kitty Collection.  I was just starting to collect nail polish and this was my first major collection!!  I too was excited for this collection.    There were 3 polishes and I was happy to pick up 2 of them.  Today, I have for you "Something About Pink". 

Here I go again about the packaging..I just love it!!

Here she is so gorgeous what I would call a bubble gum pink.  I applied the standard 2 coats.  Great application. Kitty so cute... :)

  Were you able to get this collection?  I really enjoyed this color and stay tune for tomorrow..I think I will konad something about pink.  Until next time please have a great nail polish day (*_*)


  1. this is such a gorgeous pink. I missed this collection, and even though I usually avoid MAC polish I would have loved the packaging enough to get it

  2. Scandalous: I am a sucker for packaging :)

  3. OH EM GEE!! This pink is just delicious on you!! I just started getting into mac's but you better believe I'm going to keep my eye's peeled to see if i find it anywhere (it's probably already out of circulation)

    Great color on your fabulous nails!!

  4. Apaoge2u: Thanks, It is a gorgeous pink. You probably can find it on ebay :)

  5. I didn't get the pink, but I did get the gray HK. I really like this shade of pink on you.

  6. I was able to snap up the HK brush set and eyeshadow luck on the nail polish. Yours look great

  7. JennyKaye: Thanks, I also have the grey...untried...the pink is really cute :)

    Reluctant Goddess: Thanks, I also bought the blush :)


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