My Polish Keeps Chipping!!! STICKEY SANDWICH may be what you need!!!

Many of you might wonder "Why does my polish keep chipping?"  It could be several factors:

1. Lotion/cremes or oils on surface of nails were not properly cleaned with polish remover.  I use Zoya remove+ or alcohol.
2. Nail surface is really, really ridges (my daughters nails are like this) 
3. Applying polish too thick (could also cause polish to peel right off)

Products that are needed for Stickey Sandwich method, you can choose either one of these:

1. Orly Bonder (can be purchased at your local Sally's)
2. CND Stickey (can be purchased at victoria nail supply click on nail treatments)

Back of bottle information:
Orly Bonder: A unique rubberized basecoat, grips lacquer to the nail surface for lasting adhesion, PREVENTS  nail lacquer from wearing off for up to  two weeks.
CND Stickey: A soft stickey base coat designed to anchor color to the nail and to PREVENT peeling and chipping. 

Now, that we have our products...Let's get started with our Stickey Sandwich shall we :)

I always start with a base coat or a nail treatment such as nail magic (nail hardener) many have found that the orly bonder stains nails making them turn yellow so, by adding a basecoat or treatment before the orly bonder will solve this problem.

 After your basecoat/treatment apply one coat of either the ORLY BONDER or CND STICKEY whichever one you choose making sure you wrap the tips of your nails (free edge) with the first coat. (Giving attention to the tips of nails since this is were chipping starts.) Wait about a minute to dry. Next, apply one coat of your nail polish.  Wait another minute to dry.  Apply your 2nd coat of bonder or stickey.  Then apply 2nd coat of nail polish.  Wait one minute then lastly apply a good fast drying top coat.  I use Seche Vite wrap the tips. Seche Vite dries the polish really fast and also keeps polish from chipping.

Another note:  After your polish is dried, seche vite sometimes causes shrinkage (polish draws back on tips of nails)  to prevent this apply another kind of  top coat you have before applying Seche Vite (I'm curtainly using Revlon Color Stay, you maybe able to find it at's now discontinued) making sure you wrap tips, wait one minute then apply Seche Vite.  Using this method helps to avoid shrinkage.

Side Note: Some nail polishes you may have to apply three coats or more instead of the standard 2 coats depending on how pigmented the polish is. (Doesn't mean you have to apply a 3rd coat of the Bonder or Cnd.) Just make sure you do not apply coats too thick!

Recap Steps:
1. Base coat or nail hardener (If you have ridges,  like me you can also use a ridge filler)
2. Orly Bonder or CND Stickey
3. Nail polish
4. Orly Bonder or CND Stickey
5. Nail Polish
6. Top Coat (before SV to stop shrinkage)
7. Top Coat Seche Vite

These steps are for 2 coats of your colored polish and 2 coats of either Bonder or CND.

I hope this method helps you!  It surely helped my daughter she loves Stickey Sandwich and I hope you do too. (*_*)


  1. Wow. How thorough is that???
    I have ridges and ran out of filler a while ago but have not experienced chipping or peeling.
    Not cleaning and drying the nails is a no-no and some people still don't use base and top coats and are surprised when their polish chips! I know we all live in hope but you can't omit those products.
    I reached for my base coat a couple of weeks ago and sloshed it on as usual. Trouble was it was the TOP coat. I went with it anyway out of laziness and, sure enough, day 2 I had chipping and peeling on 2 nails. This just never happens to me. Shows that these products DO work and there is proper science in it!
    Might get some Stickey. Nothing wrong with my Misa Bang at all but I like variety.

  2. jaljen: Yes, I totally agree with you. Base coat and top coat is needed to prevent chips & peelng:)

  3. I really need to try this sometime! Hey you've been tagged!!

  4. Tropical Mind: Yes, give it a try and let me know how it works for you:) You are the 3rd person that tagged me. Elizabeth tagged me too. lol!!

  5. So, you actually put coats of bonder/stickey IN BETWEEN coats of polish as well? Even when three coats of polish are needed?

  6. ...and I thought I was the only one who went through all these steps to keep my nail polish on to keep them wearing like iron when I know I won't be changing for a couple of days. Thanks for making me feel normal!! :-)

  7. Another Bottle of Polish: I only use 1 coat of bonder. I don't have a problem with chipping with 1 coat. My daughter uses this method and it works for her. You don't have to use a 3rd coat of bonder if you have 3 coats of polish...don't want polish on too thick. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you :)

    Apaige2u: Hey, you have to find ways to make polish to wear like iron. lol!!

  8. Thanks for your response. I was just confused because you had this application as both steps 2 and 4. Thanks!

  9. Another bottle of polish: Glad I could help :)

  10. Thanks! I had heard of the "Stickey Sandwich", but had no idea you could use "Orly Bonder"..I have Bonder and will be trying this next! I may post the "Test" on my blog...Thanks

  11. Jackie S. : Bonder is a stickey base that helps bond your nailpolish to the nail. Can't wait to see your test posting :)

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