OPI Creme De Menthe...A Mint Green with Gold Shimmer

I have been lemming (wanting) Creme De Menthe for awhile.  I seen it on ebay added it to my list and waited, debated and kept asking myself "should I purchase this polish"?  It surely wasn't the average price of an OPI polish.  You get my drift!!  It was $$.  As I looked each and everyday seems like the number left of them was decreasing.  One day I just click the button  without hesitation *BUY IT NOW*  Oooh Ah!! I'm so glad I have it because this polsih is HTF (hard-to-find)  and was glad to add it to my collection.

on to this wonderful polish...
2 coats

You can see a little of the gold  shimmer

I wish you could see this irl, pictures doesn't give this polish justice.
So there you have it.  Until next time have a great weekend and always have a great nail polish day!



  1. LOL I did the exact same thing with this polish. I wanted it forever and kept saving it on Ebay and finally bought it. I love it and am so glad I finally just got it.

    Looks great on you! :)

  2. Ooh, this is gorgeous on you! I've fallen so hard for greens and blues - which I never would have worn before.

  3. £24.00+ on ebay.
    And then there's the postage!
    That's a lot of money.
    I think I'll pass.
    Very pretty though. Nice to see it.

  4. Evil Angel: Thanks...I love it too :)
    AmusedPolish: Thanks deary:)
    shortandsweetnails: Girl you feel me. lol!! Can't wait to see your mani :)
    Anotherbottleofpolish: Yes, greens blues, and purples are my favorites :)
    jajen: Thanks, Yeah tell me about it..I caved!! :)

  5. OMG! This is beautiful on you!! Gorgeous! I bet you spent a 'menthe' getting it too!! :-)

  6. OMG jealous! It looks so awesome on you too! I think you were smart to get it. Just gorgeous!

  7. Lacquer Ware for tips and toes: Thank you! :)

    Tropical Mind: Thinks hun :)

  8. looks similar to china glaze Tree Hugger only tree hugger has a blue shimmer...i love it

  9. nikthezombie: I do have tree hugger it's still in my untried but believe me they are no where near close. I have to do a post on it :)


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