BB COUTURE...Skipper and Intake Valve!

It's Feel Good Friday and do I feel good.  Woo Hoo!  Oh,  have I waited for this looong weekend.  Aren't you glad you are off from work on Monday?  Be careful now.  I may be going to Webster Flea Market on Monday, but don't know for sure.  ^_^.

I have a couple of goodies to show you BB Couture's Skipper from the Butterfly Collection and Intake Valve from the Men's Mechanics 101 Collection.  These polishes are 4 in one with base coat, top coat, nail strengthener and color in one bottle.  Contains No: Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP!

Skipper butterflies...I love butterflies

 Skipper is a pink creme that has a flash of bright pink shimmer.  Can't see it on the nail, but certainly can see it from the bottle. My camera wouldn't pick it  up.  I squealed while applying.  It was smooth as butter. Used 3 coats to make sure my VNL wasn't showing.


Intake Valve.  I've heard of the term listening to my father talking about cars.  Didn't know what it was or the purpose of it so here is a picture of it.  Not much, I thought it would have been a big piece of equipment.  What I know...nothing about mechanics. Lol!

My DH was willing to let me swatch Intake Valve on him, didn't have time....but maybe next time ^_^

                                           Intake Valve

Very smooth application taupey, mushroomy creme flash of gold...see it from the bottle. I love these type colors.  Used 3 coats to get an even application.

These and the rest from the collection can be purchased here at Over All Beauty and  Kim will be glad to help you.

Have a great long weekend and keep those Nails Beautiqued ^_^

These were sent to me for review



  1. Love the mushroomy one. I'm deeply in love with mushroom colors...

  2. Aye Aye Ma'am!! These colors are magnificent on you!! Love them both!! You too have a fantabulous and divalicious memorial day weekend!! Anchor's away!! :-)

  3. May have to get Intake Valve. Yes, I rather think so.

  4. BBC is fast becoming a favorite nail polish brand of mine!

  5. That Pink is Right girl...I've never heard of that Brand

  6. Yep I'm a follower! I love Skipper, could it be anymore beauitufl! And Intake Value is very unique I like it!

  7. mzc1ark24: They are very good polishes...check out the website :)

    Jessica: Thanks for following :)

    nihrida: Thanks girl :)

  8. Both are unusual and nice colors. So, do you like the formula since it's a 3-in-one and think it really does all of those things? I've never tried BBCouture before so am curious. Hope you have a fabulous 3 day weekend!!! :)

  9. Yes I love the formula. Even though it is 3-in one I still use my basecoat, ridgefiller and topcoat...its a habit and I also have ridges I want a smooth finish. Thank You and you too have a great weekend :)

  10. i really really want to try intake valve!

  11. omg intake valve is absolutely gorgeous! i literally gasped when i saw it! im sure ill be having dreams about this one tonight lol

  12. Ladies, you won't be disappoint its more amazing in real life :)

  13. Hey neighbor! I'm so happy to hear there are another nail polish addicts out there in O-town! :D

    I love BB Couture polishes. I only have a few but they are up there in my favorite polishes! I love both those colors!

  14. Hey sista hometown I love them too. They are great polishes :)


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