Blue Monday...Barielle JUNE BUG...Aw, sooo unique!

Blue Monday By Annie Lee

Today, I have a very unique polish to show you at least its unique to me. June Bug is from the WildFlower Collection 6 in all.  I missed out on this awesome collection (kicks dirt).  Blue/grey with a flash of teal shimmer and flecks of fuchsia glitter.  Doesn't that sound awesome! Seen several swatches of it, want it, but never purchased it.  A fellow blogger JennyKaye sent it to me as a raok.  Thanks Jenny! ^_^  

Great application used 2 coats, this polish didn't have much of a shine. Used top coat David that was sent to me as a raok.  Thanks Renee!  ^_^ 

June Bug
See the teal flash and the fuchsia glitter

The bottle really shows the teal flash
It's definitely in my top 20

Oops! Don't know where those white spots came from couldn't see them irl

Up close gorgeousness
So there you have it, One of my most unique colors that I own. (hugs bottle)   Until next time Please have a great nail polish day ^_^



  1. I love it, too.
    I'm thinking about making it, here I can't find it...

  2. I love this polish and it looks gorgeous on your nails! I wish I could get Barielle in the UK.

  3. Oooh, that's pretty. I love the specks in it.

  4. Tassa, Thanks, It is a lovely polish :)

    Theallamenta, Thanks, Be sure to post it so we all can see it :)

    Rebecca, Thanks, Aw Barielle doesn't ship to the UK?

    ABOP, Thanks :)

  5. YEAH! it reminds me of a Robin's egg kinda. Pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  6. i have to get that one - my last purchase i got blackened bleu(really cute also), june bug is so pretty. man whenever i look at your posts i end up wanting the blues on monday more.. nothings blue about mondays but the polish

  7. This is really pretty! I wanted this for a while then I decided against purchasing it, wrong decision on my part lol :)

  8. That's such a cute unique color, love it!

  9. 1xellus1, Y/W and thank you girl :)

    aaminah mom: Thanks, I must be doing a good job for you to have so many lemmings :)

    Darlene: Thanks, Yeah i regretted it too. Now I'm glad I have June bug, now I want the green one. :)

    Rhea, Yes it is and thanks :)

  10. Ohhh very nice!!
    Looks lovely :D

  11. Oh Wow!!!!! I am so in love girl... :p
    This color is Amazing!!

  12. This is very unusual combo and very cool. Looks fabulous on you.

  13. Linnie, Thank you :)

    Shortandsweetnails: I love it too :)

    mzc1ark24: I agree with you thanks :)

    LWFTT: It is cool, Thanks :)

  14. Yu have very nice pictures and beautiful nails :) love your blog!

  15. This looks great on you! I wish Barille and I got along so I could have some of their awesome colors.

  16. Charming Nails: Thank you so much! :)

    Jessica: Thanks :) Aw, Barielle doesn't apply well on you?

  17. Lovely!

  18. Very unique color, I've never seen a polish like that before. :-)

  19. TheAllureHouse: Thank You :)

    Asami: It is really unique! :)

  20. This is gorgeous on you! Glad that it found a good home!


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