China Glaze Up and Away...Light as Air and Peachy Keen, Hmm!

It's Fantastic Friday and coming up is the weekend. Boy do  I live for the weekend . ^_^  Today I am featuring 2 from the Up and Away Collection.  The rest will be shown at a later date. I love this collection its luscious pastel gorgeousness.  

                                                 Light as Air
Creme...Gorgeous dusty lavender. First coat was a bit streaky. The 2nd coat evened out the application.


Peachy Keen
Creme...Makes me think of a cream sickle hmm! Formula was streaky. I applied the first 2 coats thin and the 3rd coat thick to get an even application.

These beautiful polishes can be purchased at your local Sally's and Etailers.  Check the bottom of my page for Online Resources  information. 
Until next time please have a great weekend and have a great nail polish day!

(These were sent to me for review)



  1. Peachy Keen looks too good with your skin tone!

  2. Those colors are so lovly.....
    and that Peach looks good on our skin tone :)!!
    I just brought a Peachy color Polish but, I think it's little darker.

  3. drooool this is HOTT

    I may have to try to franken light as air....

    gorgeous :)

  4. mzc1lark24: Thanks, what is the brand name of your peach polish?

    Rebekah: Thanks, post your frankening okay.

  5. I love, love, love those colors. Thankfully I have both. :)
    Have a nice weekend,

  6. Okay so that Yellow I was wearing is Sinfulcolors is-Let's Meet....
    And that Peach is- wet-n-wild in Blazed

  7. BEE-YUO-TEE-FULL!! Divaliciously gorgeous!! Screams summertime!! Love that whole collex!!

  8. susies1955: They are truly nice colors. You too have a great weekend :)

    mzc1ark24: I do have the sinful let's meet but don't have blaze. I may get that one :)

    Audrey: I love the words you use. lol!! I too love this collection it is awesome :)

  9. They both look so great with your dark skin. I think I prefer Light as Air though. =)

  10. O M G. light as air looks soooooo good on you! im still on the hunt for that one :( everywhere i go, they're sold out of it

  11. These are really nice! It is making me reconsider purchasing some of the colors from this collection. I really like peachy keen, it looks very pretty on you :)

  12. wow peachy keen looks unbelievable on you!


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