MAC LE Pret-a-Papier Collection 2010...Brown Bag and Originality

Good Morning!  I hope you are doing well ^_^   Mannequin hands or Nude?  Which one do you prefer?  Me I rather say Nude.  I heard not so good things about Mac's Nail Polish.  Well, let me tell you with this collection the formula is GREAT no application issues what so ever.  1st coat opaque used 2 coats.

I love brown bag, it is a creme with a slight shimmer in the bottle and while applying but, seem to disappear once dried.
                               See the shimmer in the bottle

                        Originality...Love It!! Copper Flakie Foil!
                      Sorry about the shadow,  much prettier irl

Shiny, flakie goodness!!


blurred to see the shimmer
 Did you get this collection? I sure hope you did because if you didn't you are missing a couple of good polishes. As always have a great nail polish day!


  1. OH-EM-GEE!! *THUD* That's all!!
    Raises head to say 'me likes the nudes, taupes and mushrooms' *THUD, again* Simply gorgeous!!
    (clickety, clickety, clack, clack - searches nordstroms on line for these colors)

  2. brown bag looks SO GOOD against your skin! i think it would look like a garbage bag on me!!! xoxo

  3. I say "mannequin hands"--maybe because it reminds me of that goofy 80s movie with Andrew McCarthy and I loved the 80s. :)

    I didn't get either of these--don't think they'd be that great with my skintone. Not that I don't own polishes in similar colors, it's just that they're cheaper brands than MAC.

  4. Audrey: me likes the nudes too...clickey clack away :)

    jbroberk: Thanks, Lol! oh no I don't think it will look that bad on you :)

    KarenD: It's alot of mannequin hands polishes out there and you are right much cheaper than Mac. :)

  5. I love Brown Bag every time I see it. Both these colors are gorgeous on you, but I'm totally smitten with Brown Bag...

  6. They are both so pretty on you. But it is so disappointing to see that lovely copper tone is flakey! UGH! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Glad ya enjoy my blog! I actually started following your blog the other day. Brown Bag looks nice!

  8. Thanks ladies,

    1xellus1 the flakies are not too bad just a few.

    MMM: Thanks for following me :)

  9. looove brown bag! i am so in love with those type of shades:)

  10. ooo, we don't have this one in the UK yet, but i definitely want it!!



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