Blue Monday, OPI Dating A Royal!

                                        Blue Monday by Annie Lee

Good Morning on this blue Monday ^_^  I hope you had a spectacular weekend.  Is it hot enough for you?  It's too hot in Florida! (takes hankie to wipe forehead) Today I have OPI Dating a Royal.  This is a Royal blue and I must say it is a beauty.  Great application and it is a jelly!! Squishy goodness, Yippee! I just get over excited over a JELLY finish. 

                                   Dating A Royal
I used 3 thin coats

I had to try SH Hidden Treasure only needed 1 coat.  Look how it glows with all the color flakies sparkling through

I hope you have this lovely blue polish it is a must have in your collection.  I don't have to say anymore you have got to have hidden treasure as well. 

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. 


  1. thats a really pretty blue creme.. i just love that blue monday photo with sister all tired like that i know the feeling. also, whats happening with mascara to meatloaf no post in almost 2 mos. tried to email her.ttyl

  2. i love this monday date :)
    and I love blue polishes, too, but not very much this one, it's too bright for me. I definetly prefer it with the flakes on :)

  3. Dating a Royal is one of my favorites =)

  4. Really pretty and NOPE I don't have it. BOO HOO!
    It is VERY muggy here in northern NY. The temp is only 77 but feels SO much hotter.
    Have a nice night,

  5. Gaah I already love that polish on it's own and with HT it's amazing.

  6. I love that blue, it's so pretty! Looks great on you too!

  7. aaminahs Mom: The blue monday picture thats what I feel like every monday. lol! Not familar with mascara to meatloaf will check it out :)

    Theallamenta: Thanks! give it a try with HT :)

    Scandalous: Its one of mine too :)

    Susies1955: you need it! I wish it was 77 here more like 90. lol!

    S&S: Yes a very beautiful blue and HT even made it better :)

    nailnit: Thank you very much ^_^

  8. i believe this was one of the first jellies i ever tried... i fell head over heals!!!!

  9. DaR is truly a beauty on her own but with HT as top coat overlay takes her to a whole new level of BLUEtiful!! Great mani!!

  10. jbrbeck: It really is a beauty :)

    Audrey: HT is awesome, Thanks :)

  11. Susie, I believe our humidity is 90 or 100 and I'm serious :)

  12. This looks awesome!!!! I dont have Dating a Royal but I LOVE Jellies!!! hmmm I think I see another to add to my woshlist! You create so many lemmings for me :)

  13. Darlene: Thanks, I bet your collection is growing. You must have DAR since you love jellies :)

  14. I'm so glad that I have this. It's a beautiful shade of blue. You have gorgeous nails. I haven't worn this one yet. I'll have to take a look for it.

  15. this is so beautiful...I need it in my life..thanx for sharing hun


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