China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection! Swatches and Review...

Good Morning on this Terrific Tuesday ^_^  I am so excited about this collection and I'm sure you will be too!

Step out with these multi-faceted jewel tones, rich reds, titillating taupes and smoldering sands.

I trimmed my nails down ^_^ 

Riveter Rouge...Red with gold sparkly glitter it shimmers and glows. Picture shows silver glitter, but in real life its gold.

Foxy...Reddish brown copper shimmer, this color was hard to capture. Picture taken without flash. More true to color
With flash

Goin' My Way...Brown Frost gold/copper shimmer

Classic Camel...Gold Micro glitter sparkle.  Most reviews don't favor this one but it's unique to me and I love it!

Swing Baby...Taupe/champagne  shimmer foil packed  with silver micro glitter. It glows!

Ingrid...Chocolate brown creme with gold sparkle micro glitter and you can see the glitter

Hey Doll...Pink/brown base, Rose Mauve with micro silver glitter shimmer.  Really pretty!

Bogie...Plum/purple with silver micro shimmer. Love it!

First Class Ticket...Deep Purple with blue/silver micro glitter shimmer

Midnight Mission...Navy Blue packed with micro glitter silver shimmer.  So gorgeous Love it!

Emerald Fitzgerald...Turquoise green with micro silver glitter shimmer.  It is a beautiful blue/green. Love it!

Jitterbug...Grey chrome but looks like a foil. Packed with micro silver glitter shimmer. it's really bright and sparkly, you will get noticed wear it.  Love the name. (ha ha)

Great formula on these not thin or thick.  No application issues what-so-ever.  Applied 2 coats. I love this collection its a great selection of colors and I really am impressed with Classic Camel because its unique in my collection.  These are great for Fall or really anytime you want to wear them.  Dries fairly quickly and no problems with removal so you don't have to worry about smurf fingers on any of these.  

Which ones do you fancy?

These were sent to me for review

Until next time please have a great nail polish day ^_^



  1. I can't WAIT to try these =)

    I'm a new follower please stop by me blog

  2. I hope Sally's gets these out PDQ!! I can't wait to get my hands on them!

    You have done such a wonderful job swatching these. Your nails are perfect!

  3. i know which ones i really want now thanks so much ingrid is a pretty,jitterbug,bogie,first class ticket,emerald fitzgeraldk and at the head2toe prices i can buy a back up too.your nails are beautiful

  4. I like Ingrid and Swing Baby best... but I don't know if I would get them...

  5. I WILL have classic camel, even if I have to find a way to camp out in front of both Sally's at the same time.

  6. I love everything except classic camel

  7. Great job on these swatches!! I knew I was going to love them when I first saw the pics of them earlier in the year. You have just solidified what I already knew - I'm getting them all!! Thanks for the swatches - awesome!! :-)

  8. Ingrid and Goin' My Way look really pretty. I can't wait for this collection to come out so I can figure out which one I want. I probably should also look at Hey Doll too since I don't normally keep muted pinks.

  9. beautiful! thanks for sharing

  10. Classic Camel, Ingrid and Jitterbug...those are the ones I will be picking up! Thank you for the swatches! Oh BTW, are these out yet?

  11. Finally I get to see them next to brown skin! I'm loving Classic Camel and Ingrid!

  12. Hey there! I'm a new follower. :-) All of these look great on you. Your pics. are making me want them all!

    By the way, I just started a nail blog. I would love to have you follow, if interested. :-)

  13. Thanks Ladies I'm glad to help out so you know what these look like on brownskin. Yes imo classic camel looks wonderful on brownskin.

    Ali: I will check out your blog and welcome :)

  14. I really like Ingrid, Foxy and Classic Camel. Those 3 will definitely be in my collection!

  15. I really like Foxy, Goin my way and Ingrid. Very nice!

  16. great swatches! i'm most excited about jitterbug. i love these foil-type polishes, i want more! :D

  17. Man do these look beautiful on you. I think your the 5th blog I've seen these on. I'm really loving these on your nails. It's funny how different they look on each blog. I love the first three on you the best. I can't wait to buy these. I loved these just from the photos of the bottles.


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