MAC Alice + Olivia Collection!

Good Morning on this Savvy Saturday,  Are you out shopping for Nail Polish?  Save some of those dollars because on  July 8th Mac Alice +Olivia Collection will be available.  Are you now getting excited for this collection?  Look at the beautiful packaging.  I am truly a sucker for packaging...Are you?  ^_^

Nail Lacquer :

So Rich So Pretty- bright purple with pearlized pigments
Morning After- creamy turquoise
Military- black matte with silver suede pearl

If you are interested in the Makeup

Dazzleglass Creme:

Sparklicious- creamy pale pinky white with soft multi dimensional pearlized pigments
I.Want.Candy- hot yellow with soft multi dimensional pearlized pigments
If it's Pink- hot pink with soft multi dimensional pearlized pigments


If it Sparkles- white with transforming pink pearlized pigments
Partylicious- turquoise with silver pearlized pigments
Later- black with transforming purple pearlized pigments

I haven't seen swatches of these yet.  Will have to check them out at the counter. Which ones are you interested in?

Until next time please have a great nail polish day.



  1. Even tough I seldomly wear pgiments/eyeshadows, i want Partylicious and Later- they sound great for frankening ^^

  2. much for my mac abstinence. looks like the military gets Scandalous's MAC cherry... man and I had done SO good resisting mac til now. I also have to have morning after. just for the name...

  3. those colors are so pretty! ok..I'll wait.

  4. what could a silver suede pearl really look like in a polish *rolls eyes at the descriptions*. hmmmm a suede finish polish with glitter? i dunno. they are releasing so many new things that day i'm scurrrred! i need a aid to watch my wallet!


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