NYX Asphalt layered with Wet N Wild Black Creme

Good Morning to you on this hump day Wednesday! NYX named this polish Asphalt doesn't look like Asphalt to me.  Or,  maybe they mean its Asphalt with bling. Didn't know this polish was sheer it took 4 coats...sorry for the tip wear...wore this polish a few days before I took pictures and I didn't wrap my tips. Oops! 

I decided to try this again layered with  back.  
I think wet n wild black creme is an incredible 1 coater super shiny black polish. Can't beat it for $1.00.  I hear that Illamasqua Boosch is the best black creme on the market. Maybe one day I'll purchase it and whenever I do it better knock my socks off! Lol! Somebody tell me who owns Boosch is it all that and a bag of chips?
I think Asphalt looks alot better layered and only needed
1 coat 
Flower back ground is some type of Elephant Ear.  They come back every summer.

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Until next time please have a great nail polish day ^_^



  1. boosh IS all that and a bag of chips! asphalt looks super interesting!

  2. i love this! when i saw the thumbnail, i was like "whoa!". i love the beautiful plants in your background too! thanks so much for sharing!
    next x i'm in nyc, i'll be sure to investigate that boosh! thanks so much for sharing!

  3. jbrobeck, I must get boosh I'm really curious. Asphalt looks alot better in real life :)

    1xellus1: Thanks, yeah, go check it out for us :)

  4. Probably just as well that asphalt (that's a weird word) doesn't really look like that, or I'd be one distracted driver. :)

    Definitely looks better layered!

  5. karenD: LOL!! It's bad enough we look at our nails while driving :)

  6. Illamasque makes BOOSH!! Okay - what do I win??
    LOL!! Love this combo on you!! I have yet to wear my WnW black solo - i only use it for konading and accenting - isnt that sad? Will have to give her a good spin on her own one day! LOVE that elephant ear flower in the background!! Great mani as always!! :-)

  7. omg, asphalt looks amazing! i'd been looking for a glittery black, and NYX is fairly inexpensive. i'm gunna look for this at the DS next time. btw, thx so much for giving me & my new blog a shout on yer post :)

  8. Audrey: Thanks:)

    Spunkster: Thanks, I'm glad you are blogging and hope you find asphalt :)

  9. omg this is my favorite sparkly black and you just took it to another level. i was totally please with the dark jelly, but wow.. just wow.. it's LOVE!


  11. I'll have to try this since I have both polishes. Looks fabulous on you.


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