Blue Monday, Finger Paints, Heavenly Miracles Collection...Blissfully Blue

Blue Monday by Annie Lee  

Good Morning, Another Blue Monday! Today I have Blissfully Blue a pretty pastel creme.  1st coat was a little streaky but it evened out with the 2nd coat.

Blissfully Blue
Pastel blues are such a happy color

I tried y'all  did a little sponging, but didn't come out quite like I wanted, I'm showing it to you anyway.
Tip color is Finger Paints Artistic Azure (I believe it's from the Heavenly Miracles Collection) Then topped with blue glitter from Claire's new glitter collection. 

 Until next time have a great nail polish day!



  1. Blissfully Blue is gorgeous blue color. I love it :)

  2. I love this blue, and am upset that I absolutely cannot find it anymore. Looks fab on you =)

  3. That looks incredible, talk about smooth and relaxing that would be your nails!

  4. Thanks ladies :)

    ABOP I almost missed out on it...I hope you find it :)

  5. Those are pretty together! If you'd like a smoother transition from one color to the next, next time, try putting the two colors onto a makeup sponge together, so that you can sort of... blend the two on the nail itself. There are tutorials about this on YouTube, but it's not loading for me.

    I also like the idea of sponging the darker color over the lighter color sort of inconsistently, with thinner areas and thicker areas. I think that would be absolutely gorgeous! Ooh, put a layer of glitter under the dark blue sponging, and then you'd have some interesting dimension!

    Can you tell you've inspired me? :D

  6. so pretty! & I love the "tip enhancement" LOL.
    I was inspired by your blue monday series to do a blue e/s look today. :O) thanks for sharing.

  7. Love it! I'm a sucker for pastel blue.

  8. I love your Blue Monday posts, I always look forward to seeing a new pretty blue on your beautiful digits!

  9. Laynie, Thanks for the suggestions :)

    1xellus1: your eyeshadow is lovely :)

    S&S: I love them too :)

    AP: Aw, thanks :))


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