Blue Monday, Shabby Chic Crackle...

Blue Monday by Annie Lee

Good Morning, It's another Blue Monday!  I just realized I made my 100th post on Thursday, Yay!

Too bad I missed out on the old Cover Girl Nailslicks when they were new.  Oh, why did they stop making them!  I only have a few that I found on ebay.   Hula Blue is a pretty sky blue creme with great opacity with one coat,  used 2 coats.  I also found a Cover Girl Crackle Lacquer Blue Moon on ebay. 

Hula Blue

I made sure Hula Blue was still wet when I applied one coat of Crackle Lacquer Blue Moon.

Blue Moon
I Think it looks just like old shabby chic crackle painted furniture, don't you think? Look how each nail is different.  I used Revlon Color Stay Top Coat to give it shine because the crackle polish is sort of matte. 

Do you have any CG Nail Slicks?  What about Crackle Lacquers?  Wish I can find more.  They are sooo HTF!

Until next time please have a great nail polish day.


  1. ahhhhhh hula blue is so perrrrrty

  2. Hula Blue is so pretty! I have some Nail Slicks, but haven't ever seen that one.

  3. That blue is so pretty! I love the crackled look too!

  4. I love the "Hula Blue" polish and I love Blue Moon even better.

    I have to get my hands on some of these Crackle Lacquers!

  5. I really like this blue polish. Im not too sure about the crackle effect. But the blue is gorg none the less.

    New accessories added to

  6. I'm still not totally sold on the crackle effect nail polishes, but I have to admit you wear it well. The colors are great together, too!

  7. GASP! gorgeous! IDK how I missed this last week! LOL thanks for sharing


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