Color Club Poptastic Collection Swatches and Review!

Good Morning, Back to work for me.  We got lots of rain, but had a fabulous long weekend.  I hope you did too ^_^  Do you love bright colors? Well, you are in a treat for this collection so sit back and put on your sun glasses. lol!  It's the Poptastic Collection...The colors that POP!

Almost Famous...bright highlighter yellow creme.  A tad bit streaky as with most yellows, but evened out with 3 thins coats.

Wham! Pow!...In your face hot bright orange jellish creme.  No application issues used 3 coats.

Poptastic...Bright pink jellish creme, such a pretty bubble gum pink. Used 2 coats.

Warhol...Hott Fuchsia pink jelly, put on the sun glasses for this one.  It looks so much better in real life. Used 3 coats.

Pucci-licious...mid-tone purple creme, the perfect shade of purple. Its a little more darker in real life. Used 2 coats.  My daughter painted her room this exact color.  When she moved I repainted.  Hmm maybe I should have left it :D 
Twiggie...The name makes me think about the famous Top model of the late 1960s. Bright spring/mint green. Used 2 coats. 

Chelsea Girl...Ahh! its a jelly for sure! while applying I was grinning from ear to ear.  Creme royal blue.  Used 2 coats. You can see vnl

I'm sorry my camera didn't do so well with these gorgeous colors!

This is a wonderful collection to have.  Great formula.  Most needed 2 coats, some 3 coats.  I used Revlon Color Stay top coat to really bring out the shine.  While removing I did not have any staining what-so-ever.

  This collection was found at Ross and of course these can be purchased at several Etailers.  Check at the bottom of my blog for Online Resources,  Head to Toe, Transdesign and Victoria Nail Supply.     

Do you have this collection already...or just a few?  Which ones are calling out to you?

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(These were sent to me for review)

  Until next time please have a great nail polish day.



  1. i have chelsea girl and pucci licious on my haul list. i adore your posts. keep up the good work!

  2. OMG, I gotta have these! You did a hell of a job swatching them! I love your nails! <3<3<3

  3. I want to find this collection at Ross! I love puccilicious, for some reason I've been on a light purple kick.

  4. I love them all! But that hot pink is my fav ;)

  5. I love Chelsea girl on you. I love blue jellies!

  6. Oooh! They look great. I really want this collection. I hope it shows up at the nearby Ross soon. The colors that call out to me are the yellow, green, purple and blue. Glad to hear you didn't have any staining with these. The pictures look great!

  7. Thanks ladies hope you will get these soon you will love them on you :D

  8. I want ALL of them. They look great on you.
    Thanks for sharing these with us.

  9. Susie, yes get them all so I can see all your konad ideas :D

  10. So funny you mentioned your camera didn't do well with these - I was thinking it did amazingly. Such gorgeous colors and I noticed you got Pucci-licious to show it's true color! May I ask how you manage to get your photos so color-accurate?

  11. Leaving my first comment after secretly following for a while. ;) I love your nails! And I love Warhol. O.o It's all Ange's fault. She made me buy a pink polish!

  12. I went to Ross today and saw a Color Club collection that was bright and neon, got excited and bought it. I brought it home and have now just realized it is the Electrocandy collection not the Poptastic one. Aw, shoot! The colors are similar but everything has an iridescent sheen to it. I wonder if this was last year's neon color collection. No color names on any of the bottles. Oh, well, this will go on my nails anyway! Your pictures of Poptastic colors are gorgeous!

  13. Those colors do pop. I love them all. well especially the purple since thats my fav. color. but all of them really look nice. i want one. ( hint hint )

  14. Love them all. Great collection :o)

  15. ABOP: I try different lighting through out the house. Sometimes I dim my Dining room light put my hand close and take picture with and without flash. Its trial and error. It can get frustrating :) I'm glad you like the pics!

    FA: Thanks for following and I'm following you too. I love warhol too its a beautiful bright
    pink :)

    DesertNails: Electocandy is a pretty collection too.

    denitrika: I'll let you borrow it :)

    Twister: Thanks it really is a great collection :)

  16. I have all Poptastic polish and I must say they are gorgeous! Love your beautiful swatches :)

  17. Oh, these all look great on you! I just love neons for summer and Color Club does some awesome polishes.

  18. Thanks ladies these are fantastic! :)


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