Essie's Island In The Sun Summer Collection

Good Morning,  I hope you are having a Super Saturday ^_^

Aruba Blue - a frosty sapphire blue
Bermuda Shorts - a high-voltage creamy neon violet
Capri - a fiery, hot creamy orange
Fruit Sangria - a hot pink cocktail with a dash of sugar
Island Hopping - a rich plum mauve
Like Linen - a soft and creamy neutral
Need a Vacation - a soft bubblegum pink
St. Lucia Lilac - a creamy pale lilac
Vinyl Bikini - a sheer, silky white; perfect for a french mani

Essie Island in the Sun polishes retail for $8 each and are currently available online at

Some of these seem to be repromotes or even core line.  I have St. Lucia Lilac.  I have my eye on Island Hopping and Aruba Blue.

Which ones do you have or have your eye on?

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Until next time please have a great nail polish day.


  1. Bermuda and Aruba for me! Yes, please!

  2. aren't some of these re-promotes? *scratches head*

  3. Hmm, I already passed on St. Lucia; there are only so many light purples even I need. Will need to see swatches of Fruit Sangria, Bermuda Shorts, Island Hopping, and Aruba Blue before I decide on those.

  4. I think I like Bermuda Shorts & Capri~

  5. amused polish, yes I noted that some of these are re-promotes :)

  6. I haven't found myself to be an 'Essie' person. However, I do like the Aruba blue.

  7. got my biotin today $7.oo a bottle for 5000mcg. @ so o got 2 and the shipping was 96 CENTS im glad cant wait for the results

  8. I thought this was a brand new collection when I got the email awhile back. I went out looking for it, and then discovered that some of them weren't new! lol...

    I do think I want Bermuda and Aruba.

    Happy 4th to you!

  9. i just got capri andswatched it and lovin it, like linen, aruba blue and need a vacation look appealing too....

  10. Aruba Blue and Island Hopping look most interesting to me. Happy Saturday!

  11. AM: I hope the biotin works for you. Let me know okay :)

    Ladies: Seems Aruba Blue is a winner :)


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