Nicole Matte...Respect the World

It's Friday, did the week go by fast for you?  Today I have my one and only matte from Nicole.  I may go back and pick up the rest of the collection.  If you haven't seen them look here  I think they are just like the Opi suedes.  These matte polishes dry super fast so its best to apply them thick that way you get an even and  smooth application.  Only 2 coats needed. Respect the World is a turquoise aqua shimmer.  From the bottle it has silver shimmer but not shown on the nail.  Pretty though.  Here she is...

                               Respect the World
My pinkie nail broke and I did a bum job of repair. I'm camouflaging it with my text. He He =) 

Can't always be perfect right?

Here she is with some shine, used SV topcoat

Do you like suede, or matte polishes?  Which do you prefer to wear them matte or super shiny?
I like them both.  My left hand is matte and my right hand is super shiny.  Yep, that's the way I wore my mani.

So, there you have it.  I surely do hope you have a great weekend. Until next time please have a great nail polish day.  



  1. What a lovely color :)

    I prefer shiny polish, but I enjoy matte/suedes as well, and combined is nice too.

  2. I love this! I'd rock it matte!

  3. I do love that color!
    I haven't seen these at my local stores.
    Your nails!!!!
    I am swooning!

  4. Nice nails and that color rocks on you. I picked up the peacock blue one yesterday because I had never tried a matte. I swatched it on my finger (naughty) trying to decide and that did it for me. It is the most intese peacock teal blue that mesmerized me totally. I splurged on the steep $7 price tag. The one you picked is stunning too. I also got Pure Ice strapless which matches the color of the peacock and may add it as a topcoat for some excitement once the matte bores me.
    But your choice suits you beautifully. I can't possibly splurge again on that shade, or can I? These LE colors kill me! I will be swatching the peacock shade soon on my blog:

  5. Looks nice on you both ways but you have greatest nails, anything looks awesome on you!

  6. LOL on your matte hand and super shiny hand. I do that too. I like both and I like satin finishes better than matte. They apply smoother and don't dry as a fast as true mattes do and seem more forgiving for error (which I do a lot of, lol) and are just plain silky and beautiful. And I love them with a matte coat or a shiny coat.

    As for this line, I was just looking at it in the store hand hovered over a couple of the darker colors, but then I didn't buy them. Don't know why...this is beautiful on you and inspiring. :)

  7. Thanks ladies! :D

    Lovenailpolish: I will be waiting on your swatch :)

  8. Oh gosh, this is really pretty - I like it both ways! The first interest I took in mattes were the OPI suedes so not surprising this appeals to me, very similar.

  9. I want all of these mattes sooo bad!

  10. Nicole, yeah that's when I was first introduced to mattes.

    BBB: You need to try them :)

  11. I bought the navy and the black, I'm swatching them this weekend. I like to wear them suede and shiny every other nail, or just one nail shiny, or french tipped, it s fun to play with your options!

    This color is great!!!!!

  12. I've never seen Nicole matte polish. This shade is very pretty. I actually don't own any matte polishes besides a few neons that dry semi matte. I do have a matte topcoat though.

  13. I'm surprised, I like it better matte! really pretty color.

  14. Jackie I'll be waiting on your swatches :)

    Serena I hope you find them.

    MM and Twister thank you :)

  15. absolutely gorgeous! i may pick a few of these up :)

  16. Yeah go ahead and get some of them :)

  17. I love both matte and shiny polishes! It's fun to change things up, to matteify a shiny polish or put shiny topcoat on a matte. :)

  18. I actually like wearing the textures together. I love having a matte base and a design drawn on in gloss. It feels almost like a secret indulgence, one most people wouldn't notice. It's silly, but fun.


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