Are you concern? Dangerous toxins found in some nail polishes...

I thought I should share this with those that are concern about these chemicals.  I'm not concern I don't eat nail polish so it doesn't bother me.  Old formula nail polish not B3F.  I don't have any skin food brand polishes...wanna swap?

Traces of harmful chemicals such as benzene & toluene was found in Skin food polishes. Benzene is a known human carcinogen You can read about that here as for toluene it is known to cause severe neurological harm read about it here

Here are the 2 articles where you can read all about it. and

Until next time please have a great nail polish day.


  1. I chew my nails, even with polish on (although Im less likely to when painted) so I'd Probably avoid anything with bad levels.Whats more surprising is its called "skin food"... um Yum?

  2. Chemicals are absorbed into the body through the nail surface. And the fumes from toluene (that model airplane glue smell) causes organ damage just from breathing it in. I myself am concerned about these toxins because some of my family members have genetically-increased chances for cancer and the doctors told us environmental exposures (food, stuff that comes into contact with our skin, and stuff we breathe in) increases the likelihood and/or growth rate of cancer. So, even though I don't have that defective gene, I am too aware of how environmental exposures affect human bodies. Oh, how I wish I wasn't concerned with this stuff! Oh, well. There is a good side to this, in that I've had a lot of fun making safe lotions and household cleaning solutions. Nail polish is my vice and even with that I am very careful to read the ingredients and select polishes to avoid the bad stuff.

  3. Lauren: Lol!! "skin food um yum" :)

    DesertNails8: Thanks for the info...maybe I better think hard about this :)

  4. LOL @ Lauren.
    & I feel ya DesertNails8.
    Great post rmcandlelight. :O)

  5. hmmm... ok... this is a tad scary... i hv some skin food polishes... it's sold comparatively cheaper then the OPI's and my country do not have the luxury of having brands like nubar, color club, etc...
    we do hv sally hansen but d colours they bring in are soooo borrrring... but um... the packaging in HK looks a lot different from d one i get back home... need to check on dis... but i dun mind swapping... do drop me a mail if u interested... (^^)

  6. Hey babe, I can get skin food polishes if you want to do a swap. I have a couple at home, but they're not the ones listed as super toxin-ated. I can also get a bunch of other Korean brand polishes, so do let me know.

    Anyway, the brand is called Skin Food because it is a Korean cosmetic brand. They sell make up and masks and all sorts of beauty products, I think they call it Skin Food because they do use some food products in their line, like carrot essence etc. They are quite popular in Asia.


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