Blue Monday, Covergirl Boundless Color Blue You And A Haul...

                                               Blue Monday by Annie Lee

Good Morning to you on this Blue Monday,  I hauled alot of polish this weekend.  Went to Ulta and found the LE SH xtreme wears got several of them.  I found Mystic Lilac...yay, it was the last one.  You should have seen me hugging that bottle. Lol! Also picked up from the Nicole"Gossip Girl Collection-Nicole Spotted.  Borghese's (3 of them).  Then I went to Target and found the Revlon Matte collection, picked up the whole collection (4). Emerald City-green is just gorgeous.  Powder Puff-White should be interesting it shows a flash of blue in the bottle.  The bottle says these are Matte Suede.  Last but not least I picked up 3 of the Sonia Kashuk's Collection-Rock Star, Tauped and Taunting Teal.

                                  Nicole from Ulta
Borghese from Ulta
                                                      Revlon Matte from Target

What I have for you today is CG Boundless Color-Blue You.  It's a pretty mid-tone frosty blue.  Not too fond of frosty polishes.  I picked  up  a bunch of these colors when Walgreen's was clearing them out.  No problems with the application used  2 coats.

                                             Blue You

 So there you have it.  What did you haul from this weekend?

Oh, Zoya has something new in the works...somethng about spooning.  They won't tell us until Sept 1st.  see video here   I wonder what it is (rubbing hands together)  Ha Ha!
Until next time please have a great nail polish day.
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  1. That blue is pretty! I hauled my first Transdesign order yippie!!

  2. this polish is beautiful on you!

  3. Oh, you got some goodies! Apparently those Nicoles are hard to find. That's a pretty blue - I don't usually wear frosts much but I like that shade. It looks good on you!

  4. Freshie: Thanks, Make sure you share what you got :)

    Daria: thanks girl :)

    Nicole: I only bought one of the nicoles. I don't wear frost much either once it dried I really like it. In real life it's more of a teal blue :)

  5. OMG, this is such a gorgeous blue shade! I love it! And don't let me start talking about your nails! They are sooooo pretty! *blush*
    Ow, I wonder what ZOYA has for us this time! The video is so funny! :D

  6. I'm excited to see your Borghese polishes! i just saw these at Ulta yesterday also. I was going to pick one up but couldn't decide. Please swatch them soon!

  7. Looks like you had a really good weekend!! Mystic Lilac sounds pretty (just googled) and looks like an interesting shimmering greyish lilac--can't wait to see on you.

    Blue You is stunning!

  8. very pretty! wow on all the drugstore polishes!

    i mini hauled the dress from metrostyle in BLUE! YAY! they got it back in stock. LOL
    the next day i ckd the website & it was out of stock AGAIN! so i got it just in the nick of time. *cartwheels*

  9. Tiana: Thanks, yeah i wonder what zoya has up their sleeve hope its interesting :)

    Danielle: They do look exciting. I'll try to swatch them this week :)

    MMM: Thanks, Yes dear I had a great weekend. I can't wait to put on ML :)

    1xellus1: That's great you got the dress color you wanted. Hey, I haven't done a cartwheel in years. lol! Thanks sis :)

  10. Awesome blue! Yes, I saw the Zoya video, and I've been told the news will be unveiled on the 1st :):)

  11. Jackie: Thanks and yes can't wait to hear Zoya's announcement :)

  12. OH EM GEE!! I do declare we are truly kindred spirits!! I too hauled these exact and I literally mean the exact same polishes recently - well, except for the Borghese and the SH XW - we have no Ulta here, so I'm still stalking our CVS - I may have to cross county lines for them. My Target did not have the white Revlon so I'll need to go to another store. Your haul and CG mani is HAWT!! :-)


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