A Customer Charged Extra For Being Overweight

A nail salon in Georgia recently charged a customer extra for a manicure and pedicure because she was overweight — and they say that’s their standard salon policy.

Michelle Fonville noticed that the bill for her manicure, pedicure, and eyebrow waxing at Natural Nails in DeKalb County wasn’t quite adding up, “I said, ‘I’ve been overcharged. She may have made an error,’” said Fonville.  As Fonville told WSB TV “She broke it down, then told me she charged me $5 more because I was overweight.”

Fonville accused the salon of discrimination — something the manager denies. Kim Tran says she charged Fonville $5 extra because her salon chairs aren’t made to hold more than 200 pounds and that chair repairs could cost her up to $2500. And that’s “not discrimination.” Furthermore, Tran claims that “if she had been here when Fonville first arrived, she would have taken one look at her and told her that she could not be serviced here.”

Clck here to see the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cePG6sEo0MY

Yearly wear and tear from daily customers ranging from small to big is enough to break a chair.  Your thoughts?

Until next time please have a great nail polish day
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  1. LOL!!! come on! that is just crazy! Everyone is going to cause wear and tear so why not just up your prices if you are going to be so nit picky?? They should CLEARLY post this if they want to continue to do 'business' this way

  2. I think this is absolutely disgusting! Poor woman, I'm glad she went to the news about this. That is totally discrimination...maybe all you can eat buffets should charge more for their underweight customers because they aren't going to eat enough food to keep the staff continually bringing out fresh stuff! And I think that if they want a good business instead of charging extra, they just purchase decent chairs that can hold a lot of weight, and yes, normal wear and tear from lots of people in and out would cause the chairs to break down anyway, you can't point-source who's fault it was!

  3. WHAT!?!?!.......

    Fruitage of the Spirit....fruitage of the spirit....mildness self-control...mildness self control....peace peace PEACE!!!

    Oh my goodness if i was in that woman's shoes...the things i would do to Kim!!! Lol....unbelieveable!!

  4. OMFG! Don't get me started on this subject. I've been an advocate for fat (or rubinesque or heavy or whatever word you want to use) human beings for years. I've done a lot of research and advocating on this topic. Bottom line: she was discriminated against and the louder we shout about this type of treatment the faster society will learn that they can't push us around due to size (or any other "ism" out there). That's my very short version of this topic. Thank you for sharing it because it needs to be on our faces so we make change.

  5. Wow!
    A close friend of mine treats herself & her 4 daughters (13, 11, 9, 4) to mani/pedi(s) for an annual gathering. She said it was to teach them how to take care of themselves. I think that's great if it works for them.
    My way of doing things is different.
    My girls & I do this weekly @ home PERIOD. Why? The hygenic practices of many of these establishments is questionable at best.
    I feel like the old adage applies..."Give a man a fish he'll eat for a day. Teach him to fish, he'll eat for life." The $ we would have spent @ the salon instead is used to buy many different beautiful polishes and accessories. Somex the girls change their polish 2x a week. "Dainty-ness" at it's best. LOL Next on our wish list is the konadbundle. :O) While it is a treat to be pampered at salons, we prefer treat ourselves @ home. Some of the alacarte practices of these establishments are ridiculous. & this "made up" charge proves that. The poor woman. This story is disappointing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think thats horrible and rude. It's not acceptable

  7. Oh wow, thats discrimination for sure! Make them pay Fonville!

  8. Are you kidding, is this for real- not a joke????
    I am appalled and disgusted by the actions of that salon.
    GOOD GRIEF! What is WRONG with people in the world today???? :'(

    While in Sally's yesterday, I witnessed a woman in front of me, peeing on the floor because the sa would not let her use their restroom.

  9. Geeze, and I thought it was awful when the hair stylist loudly proclaimed that it was illegal to cut my hair and my doctor must be doing things wrong when I tried to get a haircut with my psoriasis. I really feel for this poor woman, and I am so glad she stepped forward to tell everybody how she was treated.

  10. wow! this is so sad! I can't believe the salon was trying to justify it with such a weak excuse. She charged her and extra $5, but now her salon business is going to go under... wonder if the salon owner thinks its worth it... hmm


  11. Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  12. gosh sometimes people make me sad..why should they do this to her. she just want's to look cute and pamper herself.. not go get discriminated against.. this is wrong

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  14. This is a very sad story. The over charging is clearly a sign of discrimination. I'm a very slim girl, does that mean I should get a discount since I'm not putting any weight pressure on salon chairs? Sheesh! I'm glad she went to the media for this.


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