Jessica's MUSE Fall Collection

Muse Evoke Your Colour

Jessica's MUSE collection presents mesmerizing rich tones that reflect the beauty and sophistication of Fall Fashion.  Each colour individually allows you to become inspired and exert your inner MUSE!

The six muses in this collection incorporate their own personalty and create a colorful breeze that embraces your passions.  Scarlet red accentuates daringness.  Majesty Blue reveals a midnight adventure.  Bittersweet brown captures the beauty of autumn and takes you to a place where leaves float on earth.  As you sit and ponder, Crimson Reflections deep burgundy recollections mysterious thoughts.  Do not hesitate to be Intrigued by the hint of the purple shade that speaks serenity.  Finally, allow this season to unveil unlimited possibilities with the dramatic green Victorian Crush.

Six Fall Muses
664:  Majesty Blue-Royal Blue
665:  Crimson Reflections-Burgundy wine
666:  Intrigue-A haze of Purple
667:  Scarlet-Darling Red
668:  Victorian Crush-Army green
669:  Bittersweet-Chocolate Brown

Midnight sparkle deep blue. It has green speckles of shimmer and  is noticeable on the nail in real life.

Burgundy wine creme.  Very elegant and a great fall color

Taupe, purple grey creme. 

Bright red creme, not an orangy red. Perfect for my skintone. 

Olive green creme.  Love the name.

Chocolate brown, slight superfine shimmer in bottle.

I like this collection.  It's great for the fall.  Great application used 2 coats.  The most unique for me is Victorian Crush.  I don't think I have another olive green like this in my collection.

These can be purchased at

(These polishes were sent to me for review) 

Until next time please have a great nail polish day.


  1. Victorian crush OHMYGOD YES. Love 'em. They all look awesome on you.

  2. The olive reminds me of one of those old SH Hard as Nails shades. Wondering how Intrigue compares to something like Channelesque.

  3. Great colors! Thanks for sharing! :O)

  4. And of course.... the blue is CALLING to me..Love it!

  5. this collection has great color range! that olive looks awesome on you!

  6. Daria: Thanks, This is a wonderful collection :)

    Karen: This green is alot different then those SH, I have to check my bottles I believe they are dupes:)

    1xellus1: Thanks girlie:)

    jackie: Girl, you will love it!! It looks much better then my picture is showing :)

    jbrobeck: Yes, ITA!! the olive is my favorite, yum yum :)

  7. Wow, you really did those Jessica's justice! Beautiful swatches and of the six I like the green and brown. I don't have colors, quite like that in my collex...

  8. PPKYD: Thanks, You need to get them and you won't be disappointed :)

  9. These are all pretty, but VICTORIAN CRUSH!!! Woooooow. Must franken immediately.

  10. OMGGG... That Hotness!!

    Everything looks lush as always on you R!!


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