Blue Monday, BB Couture Sea Of Cortez

                                                  Blue Monday By Annie Lee

Good Morning,   I had a great weekend and I hope you did too!  Did you get any good deals on Polish?  I was really good this weekend didn't spend much at all went to Sally's and picked up a beautiful green creme Nina Ultra Pro Salsa it was on sale for $1.99 Whoo Who! :D

This Morning I have for you BB Couture Sea Of Cortez,  its a gorgeous blue microglitter.   The formula was a bit runny and needed three coats.  It's a jelly ya'll!!  I want to collect all the jellies I can get my hands on. Lol! Look at that squishy goodness.  Do you like jellies? Tell me your favorites.  Maybe I need to list it on my wish list.

                             Sea Of Cortez
My ring fingernail finally broke completely off and my middle fingernail is still patched that's why it looks so funky.  I need to go ahead and make them all even.  Polishing short nails is really hard for me. *-*

So, there you have it. 

Until next time please have a great nail polish day.


  1. Wow, such a beautiful colour...I'm in love! So jelly and...sea-like. <3

  2. very pretty nails..I love that colour on u

  3. This is beautiful! I like the looks of jellies. I'm such a novice @ collecting I probably have jellies & am unaware. LOL

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Daria: yes it is sea like :)

    jbrobeck: you will love it :)

    Sharon: Thanks girl :)

    Twister: I'm really pleased with it :)

    1xellus1: thanks sis! I'm sure you do have some jellies, your collection is growing :)

    spaceinvaders: Thanks :)

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous color! One of my favorite BB Couture polishes!

  6. I love jellies. I have a fabulous set of 6 Jessica jellies (called tints). I have this too but it's just too aqua for me.

  7. Jess: I love BB Couture polishes too!!

    jaljen: You say Jessica has 6 jellies!! I hope their still avaiable.

  8. so pretty!! BB Couture is not available where I'm from so I hope to find something similar to this! :) I wish this was available here though! :D


  9. so pretty BB makes the bestest colors

  10. Just beautiful and I love the name--makes me want to go on vacation! lol I haven't seen this brand in stores anywhere...guess it's online only.

    Jellies are my favorite finish since they're usually chocked full of glitter or shimmer and such gorgeous colors. I can't think of all the ones I like at the moment, but maybe I'll have a Jelly Week at some point with the ones I own.

  11. it looks great on you, i love the glitter in it :D

  12. Love it!

    So far I love Diamond cosmetic's Froggy for a jelly.

  13. Mia: Have your tried to order it?

    peripatetic33: Yes I too love this brand.

    MMM: I should do a jelly week also. BB couture is not available in the store but have to be ordered online. Click the lady at the top on the left with the sunglasses will take you to the website.

    amusedPolish: Thanks hun :)

    Paillette: I have to check froggy out. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Hiya.
    The Jessicas are called Emerald Tint, Coral Tint, Violet Tint, Pink, Red etc.
    I got them off ebay and they were very cheap so I guess they are discontinued as I never saw them on the official website and I've never seen them anywhere else. I'll look and see if they have product numbers or something and let you know.

  15. Thats such a pretty color. Can you believe I don't own 1 BB polish!! *hides*


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