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It's Feel Good Friday, Yay!!  It was a short work week but felt like a full week.  Friday is here!  Today, I have a beautiful deep creme teal Urban Oasis.  I picked this set up at edit : SalonCentric not Cosmoprof it was the only one sitting on the shelf.  I grabbed it. (Love the package) Can you believe it was opaque with one coat...very impressive.  I did use two coats but only applied one coat on my left hand.

                                          Teal Sparkle, Urban Oasis 

                             Urban Oasis
Sorry about the two wonky nails.  I got a couple of breaks and tried to fix them. *-* 
This picture is more color accurate
Layered with Teal Sparkle
                                One coat covered really well
Teal sparkle is so gorgeous! 
Here are bottle comp pictures
Not really color accurate.  There are no dupes in this bunch. Muse is far more the lightest and the brightest teal. Taunting teal is the darkest.  HTH *-*


Until next time please have a great nail polish day.


  1. Whoa! This is soooo hot! 1 coat achieved opaque results? Sick! Thanks for sharing.

    I nominated you for an award. No pressure to participate in paying it forward. I respect that not everyone has the time to do such things. I, myself have been procrastinating & sitting on the post for over a week. LOL

  2. ahhhh! *leaves for work early to go to cosmoprof!

  3. Hmmm, do you think that this color is similar to LA Girl Matte Alpine Green?

  4. This is really pretty. I really like the look with teal glitter on top.

  5. 1xellus1: I couldn't believe how opaque it was. will checkout the award and thanks sis :)

    jbrobeck: I hope they have it for you :)

    oykii: I don't have Alphine Green. sounds interesting though...hmm have to check that one out :)

  6. you're one lucky girl :D

    love both of them on you :)

  7. jbrobeck: I'm so sorry I found it at SalonCentric not Cosmoprof.

    amusedPolish: me blushes :)

  8. This is one gorgeous color! Now I want to wear teal!

  9. I love this combo! I wonder if the teal sparkle will be available separately?

  10. Wow!!!! I really like that! I dont have any CND polishes but I love the look of those two together! I hope to find it one day :)

  11. *___*

    So pretty!!
    If you don't mind me asking, how much was it?

  12. I really really like this color Auntie. I'm in the middle of a nail polish crisis and i'm about to throw away all of my old polishes and start buying new ones.

  13. SmilingElephant: Girl, don't you throw those polishes away. Just add to your collection. You don't want regret later if your throw them away :)


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