Finger Paints Breast Cancer Awareness Collection Review

Good Morning,  I hope you are having a terrific Thursday.  We have been having lots of rain.  So far  have been by passing  really bad storms. Living in Florida we worry about the Hurricanes. *-*  Today, I have 2 beautiful pink polishes from Finger Paints to show you.  I don't normally wear pinks because they are so basic but,  these are impressive.  I like the way they look on me.  

                       I Pink I Can
I pink I can--was a bit streaky so I needed 3 coats to get an even application.  There is slight shimmer in the bottle but not visible on the nail at all.  As you see I had to cut my nails way down.  Sorry my skin is showing underneath...macro picks up everything :D

                      I'm A Survivor
 I'm A Survivor--No problems with application at all.  Very easy to work with.  Only need 2 coats. You can see the shimmer from the bottle as well as on the nail.  Sorry about my middle finger it broke again :(

If you don't have any pinks in your collection I recommend these.  If you are a pink lover I'm sure you will enjoy them even more.  These will be available at your local Sally's October 1, 2010 tomorrow or you can purchase them here

These were sent to me for review

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Until next time please have a great nail polish day.


  1. very pretty nals&lovely colours..

  2. Very Pretty! Love the length too! I have to clip mine weekly to keep them low. :O)

  3. These are the best swatches I've seen of these! Alas, no more shopping means they won't be coming home with!

  4. I want this collection asap, not only cuz is pink, is more for the BCA that im interested. We have to cooperate with anything related. Nice pics btw :)

  5. Sharon: Thanks :)

    1xellus1: Thanks sis, Yours nails grow fast huh! Mine grow pretty fast as well :)

    ABOP: Aw, Thanks, No pinks for you :D

    LadyLuck27: Thanks, Yay! you are a pink lover :)

  6. Hey, I'm not a pink person but I like I'm a Survivor. Not liking I pink I can.

  7. WoW! These do look HOT on you. I'm really impressed with the second one and I will have to buy a set anyways just to give to my sis whose a cancer survivor (not breast cancer but still a cancer survivor all the same). Thanks for the excellent swatches.

  8. Sharon: Thanks for the tag.

    chaosbutterfly: It's so sparkly too.

    Sunshine72: Not a pink lover, eh :)

    LWFTT: Thanks, I'm happy for your sister :)

  9. I Love PINKS, they are all wonderful.

  10. I'm so glad I read this! I was going to buy both, but I can't stand streaky polishes or shimmer that hides on the nail so I'm skipping IPIC. I'm still lemming IAS so I'll be picking that one up soon.


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