I Spy---New Nail Polish!

I found these sets at my local Ross 'Tres Risk" 

These sets were really reasonable only $4.99 each.  The names aren't on the bottles so I cut them from the package and glued them to the back of the bottles. Notice each set is named.
These are some really good polishes.  Did you pick up any?

I was with a friend while shopping. This set was the last one and my friend snatched it up before I did :/  My daughter-in-law was kind enough to let me take a picture of hers.  
(click pictures to enlarge)

I like going to Walmart early before I head into work.  The store is not crowded at all. The CS rep was just putting these out.
New Hard Candy's.  I only picked up the first one on the left "Mischief" Love the rings on the caps. 

So, if you didn't get these yet I suggest you get them.  The formula on these are great!

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. I am going to have to go check out my local Ross again and see if I can find any of those polishes. Can't wait to see your swatches. I seen that one of the new HC polishes called Beetle is a dupe for Orly Space cadet.

  2. Those Hard candy's look nice!!!!

  3. I saw the Risk polishes at Ross but I called my self being strong and walked away. Every color I own in my collection in some form or another. Can't wait to see you swatches, though :)

  4. Thanks so much for the heads up. I just got back from Ross and I hit the jackpot. I found eight packs of nail polish. Thanks!!!

  5. *screams*
    Those Hard Candies....why would they even do this to me? There's no WalMart here! :(

  6. Sad, we don't have "Tres Risque" around here :(.
    Love to find nailpolish made in USA.

    I agree totally with you, the Hard Candy formula is super nice-amazing!, I think I preffer the formula of my HC "Beetle", than my Orly "Space Cadet".

  7. Twister: I haven't seen the other new HC!

    Jackie: They are lovely :)

    Allthingsnails: I did pass on them until I saw my DL stash. Lol!

    Vixxan: Pls share on the ones you picked up :)

    Chaosbutterfly: Really!! No Walmart?? I'm sorry :(

    Arie: I haven't found beetle yet!

  8. I wonder why all the walmarts in my area dont carry Hard candy :(

  9. I will head to Ross and Walmart afterwork tomorrow!!! Thanks. Maybe your friend will let you use the one she 'snatched' from Ross!! LOL

  10. Renee: Aw, I'm so sorry :(

    Sunshine72: Yeah, maybe she will. I hope you find them :)

  11. I'm wearing tres risk now! And I went back and grabbed that third set after you mentioned to me earlier that you'd missed out on it (I hope you find it soon). I'm really liking this polish!
    Only bought one Hard Candy so far - Mr. Wrong - and regretted it after buying SH - Purple Gala, because I liked it so much more, and it was cheaper. Still haven't worn Mr. Wrong...


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