Blue Monday, A Blue Design

By rmcandlelight

Blue Monday by Annie Lee

Right after my swatch of Chanel Riva and  Hard Candy Sky I wanted to do something before I took it off.  I pulled out China glaze FrostBite and decided to give the tape method a try.  Scotch tape didn't work for me the first time I tried so I pulled out my blue painters tape.  Hey, its blue have to try it right.  I taped it off and painted on FrostBite then applied SV topcoat.  Let that dry for about 10 minutes then whipped out my konad set and used plate M62 and special konad polish white.   That wasn't enough so I pulled out L.A. Colors Art Deco black nail art lacquer and randomly placed it on the konad design.  Hope you like it *-*

FrostBite is so gorgeous I need to do a full mani with it. 
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  1. This is beautiful! Now I want to get out my blue painter's tape and get to work!

  2. It's phenomenal! Could be a fabric pattern too.

  3. absolutely beautiful.I want it

  4. I love it! Did the painters tape work well?

  5. Very beautiful design, I'll try that trick. I also noticed that the little falling leaves are now snowflakes, that's so cute.

  6. VV: Well pull it out and get to work! I want to see your creation :)

    jajen: Yeah, it does look like a fabric pattern. thx

    Sher: You should be able to find frostbite at Sally's

    polishedlyrics: The painters tape worked really well.

    blazeno.8: You must try it. Yeah I changed it since some places are getting snow but not where I live. :)

  7. I like the way it looks, it is a real masterpiece =).

    Frostbite is beautiful, it definitely deserves a full manicure =).

  8. That's such a pretty manicure. Would work great for a Greek theme too, with the white and blue colours ^_^

  9. I love it when you do designs. :O) Thanks for sharing

  10. i love this. this is really nice. go you!!!

  11. I like! I was trying to figure out in what order you the colors were layered. I had to tear my eyes off the photos, slow myself down, and read the post to find out.


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