Blue Monday, Claire's Chunky Blue

By rmcandlelight Chunky Blue

Blue Monday by Annie Lee

Good Morning "Nailbeautiquers", It's Monday again and I have another awesome blue to show you.  It's Claire's Chunky Blue.  I'm sure you've seen this one, but not on me.  I love it!  It's so vivid and breath taking. The hexagon glitter is not sparse on the nail as you can see. It's also packed full of blue fine glitter in a royal blue base.  I used  3 coats  to spread evenly. Then sealed the deal with 1 coat of Revlon Colorstay topcoat to make my mani super shiny!


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  1. ooooohh! very nice! I have this one but still haven't worn it. I may have to pull it out soon ;)

  2. This is yummy. I also like the collage picure too

  3. Looks great on you! Chunky glitters are so much fun. :)

  4. Danielle: You should pull it out and put on looks like jewels on my nails :)

    TSGTNP: Thanks :)

    Ash-Lilly: Thx,Yes is it lush...YUMMY! :)

    Karen: Yes, they are fun, thx :)

  5. I love this polish (or any other hex-glitter polishes :P

  6. My heart fluttered a little when I saw this color. I need it!

  7. I just love blue Mondays. This one look awesome (consider the fact that I hate glitter). I hope I will get this polish, because it is truly amazing

    Your nails look great =)

  8. That is a gorgeous polish, and I love it even more on your skin tone! Amazing!

  9. I love those glitters! Beautiful blue :)


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