Finger Paints Winter Dreams Collection Swatches and Review

Winter Wishes: Gold fine glitter. It's a thick base covered really well with the first coat. I used 2 coats.  This would be great to wear with a black and white formal affair.

Holly Good Times: Gold/Red glitter I used 2 coats, could have used another coat. Formula was great!

Mulberry Madness: Deep Berry w/silver glitter, very vibrant and impressive.  I like this one.  Used 2 coats.  Not very shiny as you notice here.  After applying topcoat Wowzer!  Sorry no picture.   

Mistletoe Mischief: Hunter deep green w/green shimmer.  A little more deeper then what my picture is showing.  I love it!

Just Plum Fun:  Deep purple plum w/shimmer, opaque with 1st coat used 2 coats.  This is one of my favorite fall colors.

Merry Mittens: Red w/gold glitter dispensed throughout the bottle and is very visible on the nail. Used 2 coats.

I love this entire collection.  No application issues.  Winter Wishes was the only one on the thick side but, still applied well.  I thought Mistletoe Mischief  was going to be a jelly but it was only jellish with the first coat.

These were sent to me for review  

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  1. Merry mittens was the only 1 that i got from this collection. =)
    thanks for the lovely swatches!

  2. wow those look so good. i really like the purple and the light gold!!

  3. lisaInFl: I'm wearing MM now and just love it :)

    denitrika: I love those too! :)

  4. I love all of them,beautifulnails&colours hun btw I wasnt going anywhere special with that look just to the grocery shop&drugstore hehe..

  5. Sher: Thx, sometimes it's just fun to dress up even when you're not going anywhere :)

  6. I want want want Mistletoe Mischief and Mulberry Madness!!! But Finger Paints are very hard to find in my country :(

  7. Lovely colors, look great on you.

  8. I had Mistletoe Mischief and Winter Wishes in my hand, the last time I was in Sally's. They were the last two. (My Sally's never restocks stuff!) Why, oh why did I put them down? Waaahhhh!!!

  9. This is the first winter collection I'm actually impressed with. No other collections did it for me and this is the first I'm seeing this. Thank you so much for the review and awesome swatches!

  10. i think i need the green and the plum!

  11. What a beautiful polishes! You've got nice nails!

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