How Sweet It Is!

By rmcandlelight

Was in Dollar Tree the other day looking for some old SH Prisms.  Only found one 'diamond' not too thrilled about it.  It's a grey weak holo but good to use for frankenings to make other holographics.  Well, anyway I picked up Sally Hansen 'Sweet'.  I would describe it as a cinnamon red.  I am really impressed and guess what I think I'm starting to like reds *-*  It's a frost which I really don't like but this one isn't bad at all no brush strokes.

I don't know what collection this came from.  Do you have it?

Ring Finger nail art used LA Colors Art Deco nail art lacquers in white, black and gold glitter
sometimes a polish doesn't have to be expensive to love it.

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  1. beautiful nails &colour hun,I want that polish

  2. I like that colour and I'm really feeling the art on the ring finger too.

  3. Ooooh, I love what you did on the ring finger! GORGEOUS!!

  4. Ash-Lilly: Thanks, I'm trying to get with my creative side.

    Laynie: Thanks, I'm glad you like i.t

  5. This is actually quite nice! I really like the design on your ring finger.

  6. This one is really beautiful and you sure are right, the polish really doesn't have to be expensive to be breathtaking. =)

    I love the design you made on your ring finger =)

  7. I am weirdly attracted to pinky frosts, they are very nostalgic to me. I like the ones which are bright and frosty, like this one (plotting Dollar Tree trip now).

    Drita on Mob Wives wore a frosty coral pink on one episode and I am obsessed with finding a similar shade, because I had one like it as a teen. This one looks really nice on you!

    If you will email me your mailing address I want to send you a special polish present for being one of my first followers and because you made me laugh with your Grabby hands in my stash comment. Do you have Nail Prism number 12 Coral Amber?

  8. Oh my email is isgood at rocketmail dot com.

  9. lovenailpolish: Aw, so sweet of you! No, I don't have coral amber. I'm emailing you :)

  10. lovenailpolish: I tried, rocketmail dot com and and it didnot work :(


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