Try A Textured Mani

Source: Glamour Magazine

Think of your nails as a showpiece accessory (they’re jewelry, but cheaper), and apply a polish with sparkle—like chunky glitter or gold flecks—built in. “It’s all about texture,” . Another way to wear the trend: Try a dark, opaque shade, with a sheer, shimmery layer on top.

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  1. very useful tips hun,thanx for sharing

  2. So is this the new trend for the holidays?? ;)

  3. I'm giving myself one as we speak. I'll try and put up pictures later, but glitter doesn't photograph very well.

  4. I love texture on accent nails (ring fingers) & thumbs all year round. Thanks for sharing.

  5. i realised that you just started following my blog and i thought i'd stop by and check out yours, i'm glad i did! :)

  6. I received the gift, has a store here :

    Have a Good Day !


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