China Glaze "In the Mood Collection Chart

Look at this list,  interesting isn't it.  It's china Glaze "In the Mood Collection.  A collection of mood changing polishes.  I don't know the launch date of these.  I found a few at a dusty.

These are the ones I own.  So far I used CGMP28 glitter day glow rust to yellow.  My picture makes it look red but its really an orangy rust color.  It does change colors.  I like it because it makes it look like gradient nails.   

Which ones do you own?

I'll keep this chart over to my left side bar under "useful links" if you want to check for future use.

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  1. I remember these but dont remember the date.

  2. These look awesome! But I can't imagine they're easy to come by.

  3. L: I hear there pretty old. ha ha!

    mylittlevanites: I was surprised I found a few.

    Toesthatwinkle!: I'll be checking ebay. thx :)

  4. I don't remember the date, but I know a few dusty's that still carry them :)

  5. I have Plum to Baby Blue which is my #1 favorite nail polish of all time... Teal to Silver, Blue Black to Silver Clear, Golden Brown to Golden Mauve, and one with a label missing. They work AWESOME for me I love them :) They need to do this again!

  6. Jackie: You should buy a few to see how you like them :)

    SayAnythngBrooke: Sounds like you have some really pretty ones. I have a missing named one too. I hope I find more :)

  7. Interesting. I haven't tried any mood polishes....ever. I guess it doesn't appeal to me but I may change my mind after trying one. That list is a good reference to keep!

  8. OMG it's amazing!!
    I'd love to see them!

  9. kittypolishngags: Girl, you need to try one. Start your hunting :)

    rock-or-not: I hope you can find them :)

  10. I've never run into these myself, and have only three color changing polishes which are Del Sols. It's amazing that these still change colors after so long!


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