China Glaze 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty and Nice Collection 2010'...Swatches Review

Here is China Glaze ‘Tis the Season To Be Naughty and Nice collection 2010. I know I'm late, but who wouldn't want to see this huge amazing collection again.  Here we go:

Snow: White creme, exactly like the name says it. Very opaque, used 2 coats.  I thought it would be a streaky mess, but it applied well.
Party Hearty:  Clear base with red, green and gold glitter. Oh My! How I love this glitter and only needed 1 coat over snow.  I only did my thumb with party heart used 2 coats could have used another coat to make it more opaque.

Peace on Earth: Olive green shimmer,  Love the name and pray for it everyday!  Looks like a close dupe of China Glazes Cat eye from pictures I've seen.   

Jingle Bells: Gold shimmer frost, it's a soft neutral gold used 2 coats

Frosty: White snowy frosty finish, Used 2 coats visible nail line showing, but not in a bad way.  I like it!

Midnight Kisses: A gold foil, super shiny, I love it.  Used 2 coats 

Midnight Express with Cheers to you as a funky french

Cheers to you: Silver foil, so shiny and beautiful. The first coat was opaque for me, but I applied 2 coats.

Cheers to you with Midnight Express as a funky french

Phat Santa:  Deep red jelly, it makes me think of a candy apple, you know the best part the *candy*.  This is my favorite red ever.  (I'm liking reds now)  Yay!

Sugar Plums: A lovely burgundy plum shimmer with a light holographic finish.  Could be baby sister to the very hard to find China Glaze Crystal Ball. Used 2 coats.

Naughty and Nice: A very deep deep dark plum. Almost black, but it's obvious a plum color.  It's super shiny and used 2 coats.

Jolly Holly: A deep evergreen  shimmer. Makes me think of the forest.  Used 2 coats.

Party Hearty layered over Jolly Holly

Ruby Deer: Jelly red lighter in color then Phat Santa.  So vibrant and beautiful.  Used 2 coats.

Mommy Kissing Santa: A blacken velvet red shimmer.  It's lit from within, so beautiful. Used 2 coats.  

Little Drummer Boy: A deep blue shimmer.  It's a unique blacken blue to my collection. Loves it! Used 2 coats.

Mistletoe Kisses: A silver/green glitter, packed full of glitter.  Not bumpy at all. It's smooth to the touch. Used 2 coats. 

Mrs. Claus: A tinted red base with red/silver glitter.  Need 3 coats to cover well.  I think it would be better to layer it with a base and would only need 2 coats.  Again, this glitter was smooth to the touch not bumpy.  

Overall, I didn't have any problems with any of these. Nice smooth formula.  Most needed 2 coats except Mrs. Claus. she needed 3 coats.  Which is not a biggie just layer it first with a red creme.  I like the whole collection it's a nice variety.  I really love the gold and silver foils they really impressed me.  So, if you don't have this collection yet go get it at least purchase a few of them.

(These were sent to me for review)

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  1. Picked up a few a the Sally's 50% off sale yesterday. Snow looks nice on you.

  2. i like the funky french you did, would look great if youre going out NYE (=

  3. Wow, all of these look so good on you! It is very hard to decide which I like the most, maybe Frosty and Mistletoe Kisses (weird name for a green polish).

  4. Peace on Earth and Sugar Plums are my favorite!

  5. I really like snow and peace on earth, though I'm a bit scared of whites, I've had no luck with them so far.

  6. These are all gorgeous, but seeing Snow on you really made me go gaga, lol!

  7. These are nice swatches. I need to go out and get some numbers from this collection.

  8. They're all beautiful. I'm also a huge fan of Phat Santa. It's such a pretty red! I skipped Mommy Kissing Santa, but now I really want it... :[

  9. I'm wearing Party Hearty right now and am totally in love with it!

  10. Thanks ladies, Lots of them are on sale for $2 at Sally's. Good till the end of the year. Hurry!! :D

  11. WHOA beautiful colours&awesome collection hun,such a shame we dont have it across e pond would love to get my hands on these I will try ebay lol hope u had a nice xmas dear

  12. snow plus party hearty is gorg!


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