I Spy....Essie, guess where!

During my early morning run as I stroll the Isles at Walmart guess what I saw! Right there on the endcap. Essie Walmart Exclusives Since Loreal bought Essie they must thought it was a good idea to put them in a big box store. 

                                                    (click to enlarge)
I don't know what to think.  The bottles are some what the same these have the name in "white" in front of bottles and still have the name engraved on sides of bottles.  

The colors could be dupes to the originals or other brands.  idk

The second row from the top the one far to the right looks like a dupe to RBL's Diddy Mow

Look a set for Funky French mani's 

There are lots of colors to choose from. I wonder is the formula on these the same? What about the price tag, too much for Walmart $7.75??  Will you be purchasing them? What are your thoughts!  

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  1. I don't think this is expensive at all, compared to the prices they have for nail polish over here. I really want to go to the US after seeing all those great polish prices! I think the old bottles from Essie looked a lot more expensive and elegant, with the white print they look a bit cheap.

  2. It would have been more palatable if the price could have been $5. I just haven't purchased Essie during my new tenure as a blogger. I guess because I haven't been impressed. ???
    But I do like the looks of the Funky French.
    And it will be interesting to see if the formula is different.

  3. Lois: I agree, the white writing does cheapen the look.

    Kimberly: Yes, $5 is a good price for these just like the Hard Candy brand. I may purchase a few just to try them.

  4. I actually bought a few of these yesterday. The price is pretty high for me, but it was the first time I've been able to see a full Essie display..so I got a little excited. I got It's Genius, Angora Cardi, Dive Bar, & Sew Psyched (the Diddy Mow dupe). I swatched them on a nail wheel and the cremes Angora Cardi and Sew Psyched formula was amazing. They will probably be one coaters on the nail. The other 2 were shimmers and required 2 coats. I'm pretty impressed. It will probably be purchase I'll make everyone once in a while because of the price, but the availability and convenience of it at Walmart makes it very appealing.

  5. StardustStephanie: That's great the formula is spectacular! I have to try a few :)

  6. I like the fact that you can find them now in more locations, but I do not like the stickers at the top of the bottle tops :(

  7. i don't think $7.75 is exensive at all. the sally hansen slaon manicure polishes are about the same price. haven't seen essie nail polishes at my local wal-mart yet, but when i do i may stock up on a few. they have some nice sheers and nudes.

  8. This gives me a reason to leave the house. I'ma go to Wally World and see if they have them. Probably not, 'cause my local store sucks, but I'll look anyway.

  9. WOW! i have to go check out my walmart now! :P i'll probably only buy 2 or 3..im not a fan of that price tag. haha

  10. Essie goes for $8 at ULTA I believe. $7.75 is just about what I would expect. I didn't see this one coming though....being available now at Walmart.

  11. I wish also they were $5, maybe I will buy one if I really like it.
    I hope walmart can have a sale on those, but I doubt it.
    BTW all Hard Candy nail polishes are now $4, at my local walmart.
    I wasn't happy after I payed $5 at the same store for all the ones I own, oh well.

    Happy New Year!! :).

  12. Unbelievable, 7,75 USD

    in Switzerland it is sold 18 CHF so 18.8 USD !!!


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