Nail Shapes

Q : What ideal shape is suitable for my Nail?

A : There is no ideal nail shape; as the nail shape will largely depend on the individuals' preferences. However there are several options you can choose from and some that give more stability to your nails, therefore allowing them to grow longer without breaking.

Please find below a diagram of the different nail shapes, and details on how to achieve each one, its pros and cons:

a) Straight sided with a slightly oval tip - Allow the sides to grow straight and slightly round the tip, this shape provides the maximum support for the nail (as this is provided by the sides of the nails), also if either side of the nail is damaged it can be filed into a slightly oval shape to maintain the length.

b) Oval - File to tip of the nail into an egg shape, and file away some of the side of the nails, this does weaken the nails to some extent but is ideally suited to nails that are thick or wide as it gives them a more delicate appearance.

c) Square oval - As above, but followed by squaring off the tip, this gives the nail tip strength over the oval shape

d) Almond - Thought of as the classical nail shape the nail is filed away at the sides and softly pointed at the tip. This shape is not very strong and if the nail is damaged some of the length will have to be filed away to rectify. Although attractive, this shape does not allow nails to grow to their maximum length, if this is what is desired.

e) Round - Ideal for shorter nails, the nail is allowed to grow out straight at the sides for approximately 1.5mm and then the tip is filed into a rounded shape. This is a strong shape which is great for those who keep their nails short.

f) Square - Created by allowing the nail to grow out straight and then filing the tip straight across at right angles with the rest of the nail plate. This is again quite a strong nail shape. Short square shaped nails can make hands look blunt and heavy. This is best for drawing attention to long nails.

g) Square with rounded corners - As above, but followed by rounding off the corners of the nails. A softer look than severely square shaped nails and less likely to catch on clothing etc. This is also very flattering on long nails.  This is the shape I prefer *-*

h) Pointed - Nails are filed away at the sides to a point at the tip; this shape is very weak as the sides of the nail (which provide the strength) are totally lost. I don't suggest you to shape your nails like this.  If you want this look get acrylic Stiletto Nails.

**Squoval- (2nd red nail) The squoval nail is essentially a conservative square with the length of a square nail but the softer edges of an oval.  Squoval nails add versatility, enabling short, wide nail beds to carry the length without appearing oversized.

So, start shaping up those nails. Please tell me which shape do you prefer?

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠) Share/Bookmark


  1. great post hun,I love the A,C&E.have a wonderful wknd hun

  2. Square with rounded corners, i cant make them 100% square at all, they end up breaking the corners :(

  3. I prefer "c) Square oval" and
    "g)Square with rounded corners", the best!

  4. i love the "squoval" it's totally my nail shape. i used to do oval but then i wanted square but they kept i went with a blend of the 2. :)

  5. I prefer the f & g shapes. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. :O)

  6. I know they're the weakest but I'm guilty of h. I just love how it looks. I don't do acrylics because I just don't like false nails.

  7. Square is good. Mine are fairly rounded though because of the nail scissors I use. I hate filing. I cut.

  8. I like my nails square. I think it makes them look their best

  9. I like square oval because I don't have to work too much on the sides when file them.

    I'd love that pointy one just for kicks!

  10. Deja vu? lol
    I didn't include the pointed or the almond ones because that's just asking for trouble. Unless you do very little during the day they are very impractical. They're just too easy to break because you're messing with the side walls.

  11. Mine are E and end before the fingertip. It's just the way that works for me. Interesting blog post!

  12. I'm a squoval gall all the way... I think Almond nails look "old lady-ish" but that's just my opinion. Squoval is most flattering to my hands I think. But I see different hands rocking different shapes and they look good doing it. You just gotta know what looks good on your own hands.

  13. I'm also a "squoval" shape. I tried making them more oval earlier in the year. They were doing really good and I had some length finally. Then I had a break and I went back to my squoval. That's just the way my nails grow.

  14. square with rounded corners is my favourite too :)
    also did you know that with squared nails you are less likley to get a hang nail or an infection?

    I really liked this, very informative :)

    pointy nails scare me

  15. hi.. the shape of my toenails now is almond (h)..
    is it possible for my toenails shape become c??

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