50 China Glaze Specialty Glitters, Shimmers And Cremes

China Glaze Specialty Colors : 50 Glitters, Shimmers and Cremes to Delight You

China Glaze has taken the hottest in fashion, Cosmetics and hair care and created innovative new colors just for you ! 50 new glamorous glitter, sumptuous shimmer and luxurious cremes allow for the ultimate in self-expression. There are never ending option and combinations.

Color :

From pastel light to banging brights, choose from a wide range of unique and beautiful hues.

Feeling girly and fun ? Try “Preppy Pink ” or ‘Sunshine”. Letting out your inner rocket ? “Cosmic” or “Meteor Shower” reflects your jammin’ mood.

Glitters :

China Glaze offers a kaleidoscope of glittering lacquer featuring brilliant light reflectors in all colors and size. “Dreamsicle” combines high pigment color, with sparkling rainbow flashes. “Solar Flare” puts bold, golden spheres in clear finish-use it by itself or layer it with other colors! “Silver Lining” shines with delicate silver sparkles, adding a magical touch to your manicure or pedicure.

Shimmers :

make an elegant statement with shimmer. Try a softer look with shimmer. Try a softer look with “Creme Puff” , a pale peach accented by a soft white light. Take it up a notch with “Trophy Wife”, a stylish pink boasting a golden sheen.

Cremes :

Luxurious color is at your fingertips. Rick cremes range from a delicate pastel like “Seashell” to an adventuresome white like “Snow”.

We know that you like choices, China Glaze brings you colors and finished for every mood, outfit and occasion. Express yourself .

Here is a list of all of them:

Alphabetical Order

1. Atlantis ✿
2. Bad Kitty ✿
3. Blue Hawaiian ✿
4. Bridezilla
5. Bubbly
6. Candle
7. Carnival lights ✿
8. Cleopatra ✿
9. Cloud Nine ✿
10. Cosmic ✿
11. Cream Puff
12 . Dynasty
13. Doll House ✿
14. Dreamsickle ✿
15. Electric Lilac ✿
16. Flower Girl
17. Gelato
18. Ginger ✿
19. Glam ✿
20. Glacier ✿
21. Goddess
22. Gold Digger
23.  Latte
24. Luna ✿
25. Mahoganie ✿
26. Mango Madness ✿
27. Medallion ✿
28. Meteor Shower ✿
29. Moulin Rouge ✿
30. Nova ✿
31. Nude
32. Polar Ice
33. Pom Pom ✿
34. Preppy Pink ✿
35. Rose Tea
36. Seashell
37. Shooting Stars ✿
38. Silver Lining
39. Snow (creme) ✿
40. Snow Globe ✿
41. Solar Flare
42. Sour Apple ✿
43. Strawberry Smoothie
44. Stellar ✿
45. Sunshine ✿
46. Techno
47. Treasure Chest ✿
48. Trophy Wife
49. Victorian
50. Whisper

✿ These are in my collection

Do you have the entire collection?

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Okay, let's try this comment, again. Maybe I can make it make sense, this time. lol

    I recently purchased Dollhouse and Glam. They are essentially the same colour, just different glitter sizes. The pics on Amazon didn't show the similarity clearly, if they had I might not have bought both. But they are both so pretty and I don't regret buying both. I need to do a post on them.

  3. Is this a re-release or something? kind of confused. If this is a re-release, will these polishes now be available in the core line at Sallys?

  4. IceQueen: Thanks for letting me know doll house and glam are close dupes. Maybe I don't need glam then. Looking forward to seeing your swatches :)

    Danielle: No they are not a re-release. I just thought I'd share the list of them and which one I have :)

  5. I actually bought all 50 of them. I'm kind of sad that my Nova has already almost dried up completely! I added some Seche Restore and it's at least spreadable again, but makes me wonder about the other 49.

  6. KeysGoRound: Girl, that is wonderful all of them. Jeesh, I hope they don't all dry out. Have to keep a check on them :)

  7. I know I haev 26 of them. LOL! All glitters.


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