CND Red Hot Duo

Good Morning,  I know I've said this before but I'm going to say it again. Lol! I'm in love with CND polishes and especially their Effects.  Everytime I walk into Cosmoprof or SalonCentric and if I see a duo I just have to pick it up.  This year I'm actually liking reds so that's a double whammy just couldn't leave it there.

The duo Just Red a jelly like consistency and Red Sparkle in a jelly clear base with very fine red glitter.  These two belong together.  Just Red only needed 2 coats and Red Sparkle only one coat and it covered well too! 

I love this effect... the glitter is so fine it's so smooth on the nail


Looks like strawberry jam...hmm!

I missed out on this set and want it badly :/

Sweet and Sugar Sparkle Effect

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  1. oooh I didn't imagine they would look this good together! =)

  2. It looks very juicy and yummy! ^^

  3. I love this set looks great on you.

  4. So pretty!

    I think I'm gonna need to go hunt the evilbay for the Effect soon. I keep on seeing amazing pictures of them. The only problem is I can't make up my mind which I want!

  5. Thanks Ladies:)

    mylittlevanities: Start out getting just the sparkles ones :)

  6. I'm also sad sugar sparkle isn't available anymore :(

  7. Oowee! That's a jammin' hot red. :) Your nails are great. ♥ your first nail photo.

  8. Love it!How do you like CND polishes?

  9. Jenny; Maybe we both will find it in the future :)

    AllThingsNails: Thanks sis :)

    Inheritedhornet: I love CND polishes!! :)

  10. i am also looking for sugar sparkle, hope we all are lucky enough to find it. :)


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