Finger Paints Palette Of Petals Collection 2011...Swatches/Review

I love flowers.  Finger Paints has given us a lovely spring collection of Petals.  The colors are not so unique but there nice to have.

Dahlia My Number peach with gold shimmer

Chrysanthe-mum's the word lime mint green creme. 

Aren't you glad-ioulous lilac purple creme 

Did you Ast-her out? pink jelly 

Heavenly Hydrangeas dusty purple creme

Carnation Creation teal creme

 I thought Dahlia by number was going to be thin & streaky but it's pretty opaque with the first coat but I used two coats.  Did you Ast-her out? is a wonderful jelly!  The rest of them are cremes pretty opaque with the first coat but I used two coats.  My favorites from this collection is Dahlia by number and Did you Ast-her out?  These two were the easiest for me to apply.

Will you be picking up this collection?  Which ones?

These were sent to me for review 

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  1. wow the orange and lavender look SO much better on you than on me! great swatches :)

  2. Gorgeous! These colors suit you perfectly. They all look so beautiful on you!

  3. Kelliegonzo: Thanks but I think they look gorgeous on you too :)

    StardustStephanie: Aw, thank you :)

  4. sonidlo: I love Dahlia too! I enjoyed applying it :)

  5. I love the lilac color.. is it sort of similar to OPI "Do you Lilac it"

  6. Can I just tell you that you ROCK this collection!!! Love it!!! :)

  7. I love the purple and teal ones!!

  8. that lilac one really looks gorgeous on you!

  9. wow!! I love all of those colors!! They are so beautiful! I def. need to get my hands on those... so pretty!!

  10. Ooh, I love almost all of them! Aw man, I'll have to do some serious walking...

  11. FP looks like they're on point with this collection. Can't wait to see it in stores. :)


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