Layering Mani

Good Morning,  I didn't have time to change my mani so today will be skipping Blue Monday.  Next Monday will be back to regular programming. Lol!  Today I put on a layering polish SH Nail Prims Lavendar Pearl over FingerPaints Did You Ast-Her Out? from the Palette of Petals Collection.  If you want to see it by itself click here  My pictures doesn't give the layering it's true beauty.  In real life it has a green cast to it.  The lavender shows in the bottle but not on the nail maybe due to the base color.  Lavendar Pearl is quite thin so there is no other way to use this polish except for layering.  Now I'm curious to how it would look on other colors. 

You can also see the duochrome effect from the bottle.

I love Sally Hansen Nail Prisms.  I wish she bring them back.  I found some at Dollar Tree Stores and the famous Ebay.   

I have been having so much trouble with blogger lately.  Spell check wasn't working for me this morning.  Have you been having trouble too?

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  1. WOW!!!! Am I happy to leave a comment on your's been a while.I been loken for a Bubble Gum Pink polish and this looks Perfect.Love that sheer color that you put on top as well.

  2. Shirley's nail art: Thank you :)

    April: It's so good to see you (hugs) glad you can comment now :) If you can't find it sinful colors from walgreens have a bunch of pinks :)

  3. GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing. :O)

  4. Dollar Tree scores are always the best!

  5. You would never know that that salmon frost is under that pretty pink. Nice discovery!

  6. yes! i thought it was image shack. it took me all day to upload pics yesterday!

    i have this color also and tried it over black, you can really see the duochrome.

  7. Kittypolishnbags: Yes I love DT :)

    AllThingsNails: Lol! thanks :)

    Enamel Girl: Okay glad it wasn't me. I have to try it over black :)

  8. That combination's lovely! But... I don't want to see this - then I'll hold on to all my sheer polishes like this instead of donating them to make room in my stash!


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