Nubar Spring Garden Collection Swatches

Are you enjoying Spring Time?  I surely am.  There are lots of spring colors to go around.  Nubar has a beautiful collection for us that will take us through an Earthen path of a Spring Garden.

                                         Pink Lily 
Pink Lily:  A lovely pastel pink creme.

one coat of Dewdrop 

Earthen: A light pastel grey creme

one coat of Dewdrop

Baby Sprout
Baby Sprout: light pastel green

one coat of Dewdrop

Blue Hydrangea
Blue Hydrangea: light pastel blue

one coat of Dewdrop

White Peony
White Peony: An off white creme

one coat of Dewdrop

Yellow Primrose 
Yellow Primrose: A Pale yellow creme

one coat of Dewdrop

Purple Aster
Purple Aster: A pale lavender creme

one coat of Dewdrop

Honeysuckle:  A bright bubblegum pink.  Sorry my picture is washed out.  Wrong setting on camera.  It's much more deeper.

one coat of Dewdrop...Still Honeysuckle is a little more deeper.

This collection was fun and will be great in your collection if you like pastels.  My favorite is Yellow Primrose because I don't own any really pale yellows.  My absolute favorite is Honeysuckle because it's jell-ish!  All the rest are cremes and they are streaky.  The best way to apply streaky polish 2 thin coats, then a thick coat and let dry between each coat.

Dewdrop is a multi-glitter in a clear base that gives each one a fun look.

These are available at

These were sent to me for review

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  1. Ah, I am saddened that the creams are streaky. It is my mission to find beautiful pastel creams without streaky/chalky application and look. I love the dewdrop tc and the colors are very pretty.

  2. wow what a lovely pastels, purple aster and yellow primrose are my favorite by the looks of your photos

  3. The dewdrop brings everything to life. I love these colors.

  4. I love all shades! They don't look streaky to me on the photos...

  5. Thanks ladies. The 1st coat, 2nd coats were streaky and the 3rd coat even it out :)


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