Essie Forget Me Nots

Good Morning Nail Beautiquers,

I know I'm telling my age and I'm sure you don't even know the singer Patrice Rushen.  Well, her lyrics goes like this: ♪ Sending you forget me nots, to help me to remember♪  I love that song. Lol!
Today is Wednesday and I am wearing Pink. It's strawberry milkshake pink, Essie Forget Me Nots.

The color is more brighter then what's showing. 

Love the formula needed 3 coats

Do you know what collection this came from?

Doesn't it look yummy...good enough to drink? Lol!

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  2. I think it's from the Spring 2009?
    I do like that color! Thanks for sharing

  3. PurrceptiveVixxen: Thanks for letting me know. I don't remember where I got it from. Lol! I love it too :)

    Un Ruxi a Paris: It really is :)

  4. Essie is a phenomenal polish. I didn't realize how nice it wears because I NEVER wear my Essie's but looks like we're both wearing a pink Essie today. Nice!

  5. It's not from Spring 09, but I'm not sure what collex it's from. It has a pre-b3f label, so most likely it's old, maybe core? Anyway, it looks beautiful on you!

  6. I'm pretty sure this was spring or summer '09. I like this color because unlike so many lighter pinks, it's fully opaque!

  7. I was thinking this looked like a major cotton candy color until you said drink, then I thought of Pepto Bismol.. either way tho, it's gorgeous lol

  8. I love it ! It's a nice creamy hot pink .

  9. This makes me think of candy! So pretty!

  10. you have absolutely beautiful nails!


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