Dr's Remedy Hot Hot Hot Summer Shades Swatches And Review

Good Morning,

Dr's Remedy Hot Hot Hot Summer 2011 Collection : Five fabulous, terrifically-on-trend shades of Enriched Nail Polish.

                            Lovely Lavender
A pale purple with matt depth and charm.  It's a fabulous dusty purple creme that I love so much! It's my favorite in this collection.  Used 2 coats.

Glee Gold
A shimmer infused coin of perfection.  There are various colors of shimmer shown from the bottle silver, gold and green but not so visible on the nail.  Used 3 coats

Tranquil Tangerine
A bold, but wonderfully wearable, slice of juicy delight.  Put on your sunglasses I don't want to blind you! This is a bright beautiful golden shimmery orange.  Used 2 coats 

Bold Baby Blue
An aqua meets turquoise take on every boy's favorite color.  Silvery blue tone which looks almost like a foil on the nail.  Used 2 coats

Nurture Nude Pink
A delicate, damsel in distress barely there beautiful.  This is a great polish to wear going on a job interview or if your not in the mood for any color.  From the bottle it has a flash of pink shimmer but not shown on the nail.  Used 2 coats 

The formula on these are good and easy to apply. I wish there was a green in this collection.    

These are available for $17 online at www.remedynails.com  

These were sent to me for review

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  1. Lovely Lavender is gorgeous!

  2. You look great in Lovely Lavender

  3. That really is a Lovely Lavender.

  4. I must say, Glee Gold totally surprised me in person. I thought I'd like it the least but I was wrong. They all look great on you!

  5. What beautiful polishes! Not keen on Glee Gold, but the other ones are stunning :)


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