Blue Monday, Milani Blue Flash

Good Morning,

Hurricane Irene decided not to hit Florida Yippee!  Hurricanes are no joke.  All those that were affected I wish you well and hope you and your families are okay *-*

I tried my first Milani one coat glitter yesterday and loved it so much  I decide to put on another today  Blue Flash 523.  I needed 2 coats to cover well.  It's a beautiful silver and blue glitter polish.  It put me in the mind of OPI's Absolutely Alice, but without the gold glitter.  This one too dried to a matte finish.  To mattify it even more I applied one coat of China Glaze Matte Magic.

Warning, Warning.  On the back of the bottle it says if you need to thin out the polish use acetone.  Don't use acetone...thinner is what you need to thin out goopy polish.  Acetone removes polish.  You can purchase Beauty Secrets Thinner at a reasonable price at Sally's.

It's a nice change to wear a flat look.  When was the last time you put on a matte polish? 

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  1. Gorgeous! And I love any glitter matte, so pretty! Thanks for sharing, I may need to hunt this down!

  2. Thank you so much for pointing out the crazy acetone business!! We talk about it on MUA NB often, but we definitely need to spread the word further.

  3. I haven't mattified my nails in ages! I have a whole new bottle of China glaze matte top coat and i have found no good use of it.. yet!

    Beautiful nails!

  4. Such an amazing color!!
    I love this polish!

  5. Thanks ladies:)

    loodie loodie loodie: Isn't that crazy! yes we should warn everyone :)

    Elle: What are you waiting for, matte up your next polish :)

  6. This is awesome. I wore matte last week for a couple of days. I love this so much!

  7. Nice call on the matte! Haven't done matte in months but imagine it'll make a comeback for the fall...

  8. The back of the bottle actually says that?! Crazy!


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