I spy some Loreal's

Good Morning,

Look at these display's from Loreal's Project Runway Colors Take Flight LE Collections

I picked up Owl's Night it's on the back leftside and I picked up Amazons Flash the gold polish on the right.

There is only one per display!

I didn't get any from this colletion

Have you seen these?  Which ones did you get?

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  1. I got Owl's Night and swatched it last week. So pretty! You'll be glad you got it.

  2. I always think these displays with tiny quantities are so dumb!

  3. I only grabbed Owls Night! I love it!

  4. It drives me crazy when they only put one of each polish on their displays. I almost fainted when I was lucky enough to find Femme Noir way back when, lol! I hope I get to see these in person. :D

  5. Too funny! I picked up those same ones yesterday when I spotted the displays! They are both so freaking pretty!

  6. I haven't even seen these but WANT!!! Too bad Project Runway is such a snore this season

  7. I was going to pick up Owl's Night because I want to compare it to Butter London Wallis


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