Nicole by OPI: Green Up Your Act

Good Morning,

Even though it's still hot and still in the 90's I'm starting to have a feel for darker colors.  I'm seeing lots of  Military greens so I decided to try Nicole by OPI: Green Up Your Act. It's a dusty army green creme that applied wonderfully with two coats.

I'm getting pretty good photographing my dominant hand.

Here I did a little nailart in black and white dots to match my pedi

I can't believe it's the last day in September.  You northerners please blow some cold air down my way. Lol! 

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  1. You can have all this cold from NY....I would gladly trade places with you!

  2. love those military greens ! this one is super pretty. Too bad it's from Nicole by OPI... I don't like their brush...and they're a PITA to organise in the

  3. This is really pretty! It's a little bluer than some of the other military greens I've been seeing, so it's got something a little unique as well.

  4. Eee!! I knew I should have gotten this yesterday!!! It looks so gorgeous on you! I love it


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