Pink Wednesday...CND The Plum Truffle Collection

Good Morning,

Seem like forever that I've done a Pink Wednesday.  Okay, here is Plum Truffle it's a beautiful rich plum creme.  I love CND cremes they are opaque with one coat, but as always I used two coats just because.  I love this shade.  Hubby doesn't say much about the other colors I wear, but he loves plum-wine colors.  After I took this off he wanted me to put it back on.  Lol!

Then I added just one coat of Plum Truffle Sparkle a fine pink shimmer in a clear base.  I love this look as well!

Did you pick up this set?

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  1. It is gorgeous!
    I am still soooo sad about missing Urban Oasis, I will definitely try to get this one!

  2. So pretty! I can see why the hubby loves colors like this on you - this mani looks GORGEOUS on you! The sparkle is really pretty though I wish they would have done a flakie instead/the usual CND Sparkle Effect finish. I was expecting this to be the plum version of the Urban Oasis/Teal Sparkle set. It's still super pretty though. I haven't nabbed this set yet (waiting for it to come back in stock). ;D

  3. I keep changing my mind about this set. Now I know I have to have it! Beautiful on you as always!

  4. Johanna: I know how you feel. I'm sad that I missed out on the sugar sparkle and it's a white flakie :(

    I Drink Nail Polish: When I first saw plum sparkle from the bottle I didn't think it was all that. Once I applied it I was very happy that I purchased it :)

    Jaybird: Yes get it! and thx for the compliment :)

  5. That's a really lovely plum color!


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