Sunday Nails with Hello Kitty Night Sparkle

So, I decided to order a few things from Sephora.  Hello Kitty has new colors Night Sparkle was interesting to me so in the cart it goes.  I could not believe it's a one coater I'm happy with that! Night Sparkle is a deep swampy blacken green with green and golden shimmer.

Some nailart using rhinestones and L.A. Colors Art Deco nailart lacquer in white

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  1. Gorgeous! Looks like Loreal's Owls Night...

  2. OMG that Hello Kitty Polish is gorgeous. I had it in my hand at Sephora but put it back - akkk - kicks myself now lol!

  3. The Polish Hoochie: I don't think it's too late to get it :)

  4. reminds me a little of Midtown Magic! i love the HK polishes but the new ones aren't my colors :(

    i popped by to answer a comment you left on my blog a few days ago! about crochet! i don't crochet a lot because i don't have a ton of time but i LOVE it. i've made some awesome things! one of my friends is way better at it than i am though. i've had a few people show interest in my crocheting, maybe someday i'll make a post all about it! :)
    in the meantime, here is what i want to work on next...
    good luck with your crochet adventures!!


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