Venique Nail Lacquers

Cosmoprof has a new brand of polish Venique and it's made in the USA. What's different about Venique Nail Lacquer is that it is made with Sil-Tek a silicone based ingredient that creates flexibility within the polish to guard against chipping and flaking.

"Your nails expand when they get wet and contract again when they dry", explains Melissa Hoogendoom, senior marketing executive. Sil-Tex's flexibility enables the polish to accommodate those normal variations.

In addition, the diamond dust inside the topcoat makes it extra shiny .  These polishes suppose to take a full 10 minutes to dry.  Sil-Tek comes with a surprise you can buff it just a little bit and the shine will come right back.  I guess this means when dulls just buff it back to shine.

My display didn't have the topcoat so I used Gelous and Seche Vite.

Cosmoprof will be rolling out January 2012 with 78 colors.  I'm sorry to say you won't see Venique nail lacquer in mass market :(

Blue Suede Shoes  a steel blue shimmer. It has some silver veining in the bottle.   It was opaque with one coat but I used 2 coats. Love the pro-wide brush.

Twinkling Snow hexagon iridescent glitter with small holographic glitter.  I used one coat.  I think it looks like galaxy nails.

These pictures are with Topcoat

I'm loving this mani and  look forward to getting more of these! 

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  1. I just HAD to try this polish, so ran down to CosmoProf last night and bought the base and topcoat (which came with a free lip gloss that I have fallen in love with). I also bought 2 colors. I couldn't wait so I took off my old polish and put the Venique on last night.

    It goes on very nicely and dries relatively quick. (I use one coat of base, 2 coats of color and one coat of topcoat)

    I am not sure if there is a trick to this or not. There wasn't any information that came with it. This morning, I found that I can lightly scratch my nail, and the top coat comes right off, and I have slight chipping already.

    I know this is a new product, but if anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them!

  2. Luvmynails: My store didn't have the base/topcoat. I'm on day 2 and So far I don't have any chips.

  3. Hey Candlelight!
    As I said I would, last night I removed and reapplied on both hands. I put the top coat on before the color was completely dry as with Seche Vite.

    This morning I have slight chipping on my right ring finger this morning. Again, I have had it on less than 24 hrs. The most 'stressful' thing I have done is wash my hair this morning. (The color I am using is "Be seen - Be Gorgeous).

    I am going to re-do that finger using Venique base coat and I'll try Seche Vite instead of the Venique top coat.

    I will try again... I really want to find something that doesn't chip within a few days. Even with Seche base and Vite, I get chipping. Maybe when this has been on the market longer, there will be more advice out there. I am looking forward to seeing the other colors next month! I haven't given up on it yet!

    I'll keep you posted! ;o)

  4. Hi, I was in cosmoprof with w friend and wanted to buy the venique sparkle polish you posted above. at the last minute i put it back being that it isn't a proven brand to me and i'm an OPI girl. now, with my friend over 800 miles away, i can't go to coscmoprof myself because i'm not licensed. is there anywhere to buy Venique iridescent sparkle ??

  5. it looks gorgeous with the glitter on!

  6. I'm Baaaack! I wonder if it's just my nails, because I can't seem to find ANYTHING that doesn't chip! I used the Venique with their base, 2 coats of their polish and 1 coat of their top coat. I had chipping the next day. I tried using Seche Base, 2 coats of Venique color and Seche Vite for the top coat and still had chipping the next day. :o( BTW, I always use a product to clean any residue off my nails prior to polishing. SIGH.... Any suggestions? I hate to go without polish, even if it's just clear. I use Nail Envy for that.

  7. Luvmynails: Sorry to hear about the chipping. My daughter has the same problem but she has found *Nutra Nails-Bullet Proof*. Now she has no more problems with chipping. You should be able to find it at Walgreens :)

  8. Thanks for the sympathy! The other day when I was at Wal-Mart, I found a product by Nutra Nail called Flex Shield Nail Hardener. I put 3 coats of that on Sunday evening. Today is Tuesday and so far, not one chip. I am wearing it alone without any color. I am going to try it with color and see what happens. That's when I seem to get the most chipping. (At 2.97 a bottle, if it is really this good, I'll be buying a case)!

  9. Luvmynails: I'm happy for you that you found something that is working for you :)

  10. Hi Candlelight! Just wanted to tell you about a product I read about online. It's called Quimica. It's a nail strengthener from Columbia. It does contain Formaldehyde, so I use it for a couple of weeks then back to Nail Envy. My nails have improved quite a bit, and I don't have the chipping problem. I do get some chipping, but not for about 4-5 days. I have looked for Bullet Proof, (I used that several years back) but can't find it around here. Bummer!

  11. I've had Venique on for 6 days now, and am barely having any chipping! I used China Glaze base, just because that's all I have, 2 coats Venique Whisky Vamp, and Venique top coat. I usually chip in NO time with other polishes, therefore, I will be sticking with Venique. Good luck!

  12. I tossed the Venique base and topcoat. I even used Sech Base and Sech Vite and had chipping.

    I am now using Nurta Nail Flex-Shield nail hardner for the base and Sech Vite for the topcoat and I am not having the chipping issues I had before.

    I read where Venique is working on the issues with their top coat, so when that's been done I will definitely try it again. Until then, Flex-Shield has become my Holy Grail for base and sometimes top coat. (I usually use Sech Vite because I want it to dry quickly!)


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